QUIZ: What's your perfect denim style?

QUIZ: What's your perfect denim style?

Is it possible to find the perf pair of jeans that fit the bill of style, fit, wash and waist?

Well, yeah. We like to think so.

Take the quiz to help your narrow it down and shop our top rated styles! 

When was the last time you updated your jeans?

a) You don’t need to, you invest for the very best.
b) Whenever you spy those rare vintage Levi’s you just have to have them.  
c) Often. The words “new denim” set your heart racing - nothing comes between you and denim!
d) You’re still waiting for the perfect cut.

Who is your denim jeans hero?

a) Kate Moss
b) Em Rata
c) Bella Hadid
d) Kaia Gerber

What’s the most important part of your jeans?

a) The rise, the higher the better!
b) The wash has got to be perfect.  
c) Definitely the butt shape - it’s just got to be peachy.
d) All in the details - the length, the deconstruction and the trims.  

Most iconic denim look?

a) Claudia Schiffer for Guess
b) Cindy Crawford for Pepsi
c) Kate Moss for Clavin Klein
d) 90s Versace Jeans

When it comes to your outfit, the aim is:

a) To look super effortless, all the time.
b) To be comfortable, duh!
c) To be seen, you know?
d) To show off your shoes.


And you are...


These butt-hugging, leg-lengthening, tummy-tucking super heroes will absolutely always be in style.

Whether you're a minimalist cool gal or a gig-hopping rocker babe, you need your high-waisted skinnies and you need them stat. 

A faded wash? A slashed knee? A cute butt pocket design?

Our latest black skinny jeans from ABrand, Rolla's, Wrangler and Cheap Monday means the options are endless.  


Try as you might to stray from your favourite wash, you know when it comes to weekend outfits and relaxed occasions

it's always going to be sometime of blue denim for you.

Hertiage styles take your fancy and you know in any type of fit, you can pare it with your trusty white tee. 


When it comes to your denim, you're ready to push the boundaries.

You've been on Pinterest, you've seen the 'Gram and the only jeans for you this season are slim, straight, mom, or vintage looking: basically what's on-trend.

And you know these high-waisted, relaxed leg styles will always look flattering (especially on the behind) and will balance out a cute crop. 


You're a little unconventional when it comes to your favourite fabric.

Anything that's cut off at the ankle is good by you - adds flavour to your look, makes your legs look nice and lengthy,

and best of all, no rolling the cuffs to show off your shoes. Ankle grazers and kick flare are your best friends.