DRESS QUIZ: What’s your colour?

DRESS QUIZ: What’s your colour?


Pretty, printed, sassy or sweet? We get it, choosing the perfect dress is one hard job.

So before you try and take on the world wide web of online shopping, we’ve devised the perfect way to narrow down the colour dress to suit your personality. Take the quiz!


Young Love Dress - Red Spot, Young Love Dress - Red Floral, Young Love Dress - Yellow Polk, Young Love Dress - Mustard Print, Young Love Dress - Pineapple Pri.jpg

1. It’s Saturday night. What are you doing?

A) Losing your mind on the DF with your girl gang.

B) Saturday? It’s always pizza night & Netflix with the besties.

C) Trying on every single outfit in your closet - it’s date night, baby!

D) Seeing the latest art house flick at your fave boutique cinema.


2. Hello payday! You’re most likely going to splurge on:

A) Your next party outfit...

B) Probably food

C) Shoes, shoes, shoes!

D) Gig or festival tickets


3. Describe your day-to-day style:

A) Polished and put-together

B) Laid back and relaxed

C) Kind of over the top, you like to be seen

D) Whatever mood I happen to be in that day


4. Your favourite holiday is:

A) New Years Eve

B) Anything that means a long weekend

C) Christmas

D) Halloween


5. The closest description of your bedroom is:

A) Luxe, luxe, luxe. Velvet cushions and mood lighting.

B) White linen sheets, heaps of pillows and polaroids of your friends and fam.  

C) Shaggy bed throws, fairy lights and a fair amount of pink.

D) Boho rugs, cactus prints and copper trims.


6. You just showed up to an event wearing the same outfit as someone else. You...

A) Make some serious alterations in bathroom.

B) You don’t mind, in fact you get a pic with them!

C) Freak out. You require all eyes on you!

D) Pretend it never happened…


7. Time to accessorise! You just can't go without… 

A) Statement earrings

B) Dainty necklaces and rings

C) High, strappy stilettos

D) Your worn in pair of Docs


8. Who’s your ideal BFF?

A) Bella Hadid

B) Rachel Green (Friends)

C) Cher Horowitz (Clueless)

D) Selena Gomez



Mostly As: LBD, baby!

Basically, you’re Victoria Beckham in the making.

Mostly Bs: Natural Beauty

White, beige and mauve tones match your laid-back, minimal style.

 Mostly Cs: Bold and Bright

Standing out in the crowd comes naturally - you love a good primary colour.  

Mostly Ds: Floral Prints

Alexa Chung, is that you? Ditsy florals or statement prints - it’s all good.