QUIZ: Oh Hey, Style Queen!

QUIZ: Oh Hey, Style Queen!

We know you love to dress up and slay! Take our quiz to see what style your inner fashionista lives for.

Who is your ultimate celebrity style icon:

a) Ariana grande

b) Vanessa Hudgens

c) Gwen Stefani

d) Kylie Jenner

What is your favourite handbag? 

a) a statement clutch

b) A cross body bag

c) a tote bag

d) a bumbag

My clothing style would be best described as:

a) Elegant and quiet

b) Soft and pretty

c) Shocking and rebellious

d)  Natural and easy going

Which of the following best describes you

a) I would wear red lipstick every day if I could

b)  I like to wear make-up that is well applied and understated 

c) Jeans and black t-shirts are a staple in my wardrobe 

d) I prefer wearing pants to skirts or dresses

5. Which is most like you?

a)  I like to look smart and classic

b) I love wearing floaty fabrics 

c) I am considered anti-establishment

d) I don’t own any make up

Which one of the following statements is true for you?

a)  I like to dress well but not so that I shock or stand out

b) I love over the top accessories 

c) I have at tattoo or two 

d) I dress to be comfortable not fashionable

How would you describe yourself?

a) Traditional and proper 

b) Playful and spirited 

c) Relaxed and liberal 

d) Sharp and direct

How did you score?

Mostly A’s - Chic

All about the simplicity and speaking more with the finer details. You can’t resist classic, flattering silhouettes and timeless beauts such as a bit of white-on-white and neutral vibes. Your poised and graceful nature comes through all the way!

Mostly B’s - Boho

Your girl loves anything chilled, feminine and bold in texture or print. Comfort is your number one and if you can look amazing whilst staying relaxed, you’re in! You love a bit of lightweight fabric, loose-fitting dresses and oversized button down shirts.

Mostly C’s - Rock Chic

A gal born to make a statement. You Love to mix up your looks, even in the most simplest ways such as switching up your hairstyle or swapping out heels for boots to turn ‘just girly’ into ‘feminine edge’. Putting on any festival wear such as loud pants and an It-Girl crop is just your everyday look.

Mostly D’s - Sporty

You came in to slay! Getting in on the sports luxe trend or just any ‘sport’ trend, you definitely know how to make active look next-level stylin’. You live in crops and cycling shorts or if not, you nod your head to this super current style with some chunky sneakers, a trendy cap or visor and any oversized jumpers.