QUIZ: What’s your Splendour style?

QUIZ: What’s your Splendour style?

Who's in your squad?

a) I mean, you don’t know everyone’s name but there’s a lot of you

b) Your best gal pals aka #squadgoals

c) Your usual weekend circle

d) Your best friend; you don’t have time to keep track of more than 1


The ultimate festival inspo is: 

a) Gigi Hadid

b) Kate Moss

c) Cher

d) Blondie


How are you wearing your hair?

a) New style for each day; hair jewels, colours, hats - you name it

b) Perfectly undone

c) Braids - so you can take them out for Day 2, right?

d) It’s just out - might be washed, might not


Where are you staying?

a) You all put in for a house bcoz kick-ons

b) On site camping, duh

c) Cute, eclectic airbnb

d) You’ve got a tent, you think…



What’s on your feet? 

a) Platform supergas - or platform thigh highs

b) Doc Martens

c) Cowboy boots

d) Vans


Go to accessory? 

a) iPhone… obviously

b) Sunnies with super tiny lenses

c) Versatile silky scarf; top, scarf, hair tie etc

d) A studded leather belt


The act your hanging out for is:

a) Kendrick Lamar

b) DMAs

c) Angus & Julia Stone

d) DZ Deathrays


Mostly As: Trend Setter 

There's just no doubt about it - Splendour is your time to shine. You're after the most memorable festival 'fit (for every day) complete with glitter,

OTT accessories and you don't care if some people declare your outfit "impractical".

You don't really care who you see on stage... but you'll be there; phone out, wild prints on and party arms all day long. 

Mostly Bs: 90s Baby

So, you'll do Splendour 'cos Lollapalooza ain't what it used to be.

Kate Moss is your guru for that effortless 90s festival vibe and you're hoping a Billy Corgan look-alike will sweep you off your feet. 

You're reaching for the grungy all plaid everything, ripped up mom jeans, band tees and Dawson's Creek overalls. 

Mostly Cs: 70s Flower Child

Cher is your spirit animal, fuzzy faux fur jackets announce your arrival, you do a good jumpsuit and anything with a flare is good by you.

Basically you were born in the wrong era but Splendour will suffice as your festival of choice. Don't forget your Bowie tee!

Mostly Ds: In the Mosh Pit

You've perfected your head-banging technique, you've sourced all the metal bands and Debbie Harry is your no1 inspo gal.

Comfort is key - but you also wanna look you're best (no matter how sweaty and muddy you get...) so you're go-tos are denim, denim, tees and more denim. 

And you know Vans are the only way to really get down.