DRESS QUIZ: What dress style suits your personality?

DRESS QUIZ: What dress style suits your personality?

There are a few certainties in life; the sun rises, Vegemite goes with butter, and dresses are always in style.  But where do you even begin?

Bodycon, wrap style, high neck, v-neck... it's almost too much! So we've made it a little easier for you to narrow down which dress style you should be wearing to showcase your personality. Take the quiz!


It's date night. What are you wearing?

a) Monochrome all the way - skinny jeans and patent leather boots.

b) Silk slip with barely-there heels and a red lip.

c) Floral wrap dress and stacked-heel sandals.

d) Raw hem denim skirt and Vans.


Your never fail accessory you can't live without? 

a) Your perfect-sized hoop earrings that go with everything.

b) Sunnies with the tiniest Matrix-style lenses you can muster.

c) Your inconveniently small backpack with the fluffy keyrings!

d) It’s a toss up every time between your Old Skool vans and Nike Frees.


You tend to wear your hair: 

a) Despite grooming for hours, every strand says “I woke up like this.”

b) One week it’s a baby pink bob, the next you’ve gone all centre-part with extensions.

c) Free flowing, but you reach for the curling wand when you gotta be fancy (which is often).

d) Scraped back in a bun cos you literally woke up like this.


Go-to holiday destination:

a) Tokyo. So efficient, and so on-trend.

b) Wherever your next festival tickets are taking you…

c) LA, ‘cos you plan on stalking Justin Bieber at Soulcycle.

d) Byron Bay. You don’t have to go too far and that’s totally your vibe.


Your ideal gift looks like…

a) Monogrammed like, everything.

b) Tickets to Coachella, duh.

c) Red roses to fill your entire room (that you’ll post straight to Instagram).

d) Maccas drive-thru is better than any candle lit dinner, thank you!


Your celeb boyfriend would most likely be:  

a) Ryan Gosling

b) Scott Disick

c) It’ll be a Zac Efron vs Justin Bieber showdown.

d) Liam Hemsworth


Your celeb shopping buddy would most likely be…

a) Emily Ratajkowski

b) Bella Hadid

c) Selena Gomez

d) Zoe Kravitz


Go-to brands on Peppermayo:

a) Nude Lucy, Lulu & Rose

b) Beyond Her, Ragged Priest

c) East Order, Billini

d) Fila, Lazy Oaf


Mostly As: Mono + Minimal

Posh Spice is your style guru, your wardrobe is pretty much black, white and shades of grey, and any mention of "basics" is music to your ears.  


Mostly Bs: Extra AF

Bold's your names and the latest trends are your game. Every time you step out the door is a new opportunity to show them what you got. 


Mostly Cs: Oh So Pretty

You mean business in florals, pastels and frills, and you'll probably order a rosé 'cos it matches your aesthetic.  


Mostly Ds: Creature of Comfort

Velour is life and only the best slides will do. You love a good logo and shapes you can move about with ease in, make life that much better.