Dating Terms You Need to Know in 2018

Dating Terms You Need to Know in 2018

Because being single in the 21st century wasn't hard enough with tinder, grindr, social media, and just all round shit people... 

Here is your fresh batch of dating terms you need to read up on if you are going to continue the dreaded world of dating. Last year presented us with ghosting, DTR, DTF, FWB, many other acronyms and of course Netflix & Chill.
However that wasn't enough, we want to lose hope of ever falling in mutual love for the 50th time. So here you go Ladies and Gents, read up and have a cry because these are now thing: 



When someone ghosts you (completely disappears from your life without an explanation) but still likes your posts on social media and watches your stories.

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When someone goes over the top at the start of a relationship, with big promises and excessive affection as a tool to get the other person attached and build trust.

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When you leave someone or you are left on read for more than an hour…

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When someone ghosts you but you keep messaging them or calling them, so basically a stage 5 clingers who doesn’t get the hint.

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A friendly alternative to ghosting, instead of ignoring you they still reply but never ask you out or act on progressing your relationship beyond a texting relationship.

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Speaking of a relationship beyond texting… this term refers to when it never moves on from that. You are constantly texting each other but no plans or dates are ever organised.

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When it feels like instead of bringing back-up lipstick, you should of actually brought your resume. Your date is grilling you and asking 20 questions rather than letting the conversation flow.

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When you keep some cushion flings around just in case the relationship you are in implodes… so basically putting off exclusivity until you are 100% sure.

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Similar to quicksand but a woman becomes so caught up with a guy she is newly dating that she loses sight of herself and everyone around her except him.

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The act of coming back into someone's life after disappearing on them months prior or not having spoken for a very long time - classic fuck boy move and he will most likely just message 'hey'.

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A person who swings from one relationship to the next without any break or down time between, these people tend not to get too attached and have a constant rotation of people they are in a ‘textationship’ with.

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Subtle Social

The act of hinting at a new partner on stories and posts, but never actually mentioning their name or face -  also known as subbing.

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