14 Signs you are a Fuck girl

14 Signs you are a Fuck girl

Samantha Jones...The original fuckgirl who graced our screens.
She opened the doors for uber sexual women who were, lets face it, heartless when it came to men and relationships. Even though I personally can’t make a move in the dating world without falling head over heels, I definitely see the satisfaction of being a fuckgirl.

The best part? We are savage. Fuckgirls tend to be manipulative and clever about their actions, so in reality it could be seen as a gift.

So here you are ladies, are you a fuck girl? And if you are - more power to you.

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You can’t remember the last time you had a crush

Or at least one that lasted longer than a week. Men are like hideous fashion trends to you, in one week, out the next.

You’ve got your 'read receipts' on

You love the power trip this gives you…


You flirt with men with no intention

Maybe it's just habit, maybe you are just bored, maybe he will buy you a drink… whatever the reason, you just can’t help yourself.

You only actively date men with money

Oh you are a business partner? What is your annual turnover? Can I see your profit over expenses? Wage?


You’ve never not been ‘talking’ to someone

You swing from one fling to the next, with a constant rotation of men blowing up your phone. You never gone more than two weeks without texting a single human from the male species.

You go on A LOT of dates

And you never reply to their follow up message, at least not straight away.


You throw up when you get a “I just want a cuddle”

You don’t cuddle, in fact your blood runs cold when they pull you to them after you’ve finished in the throws of passion.

You text your ex when you feel like it

Just so he doesn’t forget what he is missing, or maybe just to make sure you are winning the ‘ex’ game.

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You are strong, independent, and don’t have the ‘marriage gene’

Or maybe it just hasn’t kicked in, but you don’t need a relationship or a man to define your self worth. And you doubt you’ll ever be able to commit to someone 100%.

You love Cardi B and Nicki Minaj

Mmmmhmmm you know what I am talking about “Leave his texts on read, leave his balls on blue”.

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You love Snapchat

You have no problem with having a conversation over snapchat, and you love a sneaky sexy snap. Receiving and sending.

You’ve made out with a man to get what you want

Haha atta girl! In general though, you tend to use sex as a weapon.

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You’ve sent booty messages out to more than one guy at once

Copy and paste?

You don’t respect girl code and you’ve been a side chick once or twice

This one is a bit iffy… you don’t care whether he has dated your friend, or whether he has a girlfriend. You go after them, because it is what you want. Mmm no comment on my behalf.

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