What Type of Festival Gal are you?

What Type of Festival Gal are you?

The quiz that needs no introduction... 


But imma do it anyways! Fun fact; festival season doesn't end. With great music events in full swing throughout the year such as Sydney City Limits Festival, Coachella 2018, Groovin' The Moo and Splendour in the Grass the festival goers are always left satisfied.

So with that in mind, to get ready for some amazing line ups and fashion, the Peppermayo Festival Quiz is here to help you figure out what type of festival gal you are and how you can embrace it this year! Keep track of how many A's, B's, C's and D's you get!



Which is your favourite look?

The festival starts at 10am, What time do you show up to the festival?

A) Before the doors open, you are waiting in the line for at least an hour.

B) Just before your favourite first act comes on

C) Lunch time

D) Just after doors, or just whenever the natural lighting is just right


Where is the first place you go when you arrive?

A) Just walk around and suss it all out

B) The mosh pit, you want to be amongst it all

C) Bar or food stalls

D) The grass hill, the best photos are always taken there


Which of the below selections is your favourite for Coachella 2018?

A) The Weekend, Eminem and Cardi B

B) Alt-J, The War on Drugs and Vance Joy

C) Kygo, ODESZA and Vince Staples

D) Beyonce, SZA and Miguel


How much do you dance at festivals?

A) Dance a little bit around the edge of the mosh pit, grinding with your pals

B) Right in the middle of the stage, dancing and singing along all day

C) Too busy standing in food lines and socialising to dance

D) Mainly sitting down with your girlfriends, so you stick to arm movements and mouthing the words


How many photos do you take and how many times do you update your social media?

A) 300 and at least 10 instagram stories

B) 10 and 1 instagram story

C) 40 selfies with your food and 5 instagram images

D) 500 at least, 20 instagram stories, vlogging the whole experience


Add up your answers and find our what festival gal you truly are!


Mostly A’s

Glitter Fairy

You love the atmosphere of a festival and you are in your element at the festival. You couldn’t be any more sparkly even if you wanted to be. You love to roll around in glitter and braid your hair. You are always the brightest person on the dancefloor and your main objective is to stand out from the crowd. You will be up until sunrise dancing, laughing and just having fun. You keep spreading your love and glitter girl!


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Mostly B’s

Indie Rocker

You are there for the music, and you know it. You are a huge fan of the lineup and you’ve mapped out how to fit in all your favourite acts a week in advance and don’t leave the front of the stage all day. You are so much fun to be with at a festival, you are there for a good time and to get the most out of the music and company. We see you over there singing word for word, keep doing you sister.


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Mostly C’s


You are there for the food and bevvies, your first stop is always the nearest food stands, and kudo’s to you sister. You’ve worn something loose and comfortable so you can enjoy the selection and curation of food and drinks. Sure, the music is nice in the background whilst you eat your weight in food-truck meals and socialise with like-minded individuals. You love exploring the food stalls and chilling out with great company.


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Mostly D's


You are there for the fashion and to look good. You are living your best life up on the grass hill getting photos taken at every angle, because it didn’t happen unless you’ve got social media and photographic evidence. Get it girl, you are rocking the latest trends, sure you may be extremely uncomfortable, but the first rule of fashion is beauty is pain. Everyone knows that festivals are only as cool as those who attend them, so everyone should be honoured by your lateness.


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