Part 2: QUIZ Are you Dating a Fuckboy?

Part 2: QUIZ Are you Dating a Fuckboy?

Well, well, well, you’ve been dating a guy for a month or so and you’ve got a sneaking suspicion that he isn’t treating you so great. Maybe he actually is really busy, or maybe, just maybe, he is a fuckboy with zero intention of committing to you.

Welcome to Part 2 of the Fuckboy Series: Are you dating a Fuckboy?

Get your tissues girl and tally up your answers, because chances are, if you are on this quiz, you already know the answer.

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1. Have you ever received a ‘You up?’ text from him?

A) It's his go-to move; that's how most of your conversations start

B) At least once a fortnight

C) At the start of our relationship

D) Yes, but it followed with a call or a cute message


2. Has he ever sent an unsolicited dick pic?

A) Yes and expected me to send nudes in return!

B) Yes once and we just laughed it off

C) He sends body shots, does that count?

D) God no


3. How many times do you see him a week? 

A) Maybe once, but its always late a night

B) Normally just a sleepover, we may go to breakfast in the morning

C) Two or three times, normally just chilling

D) Three of four days, maybe one proper date a week


4. If you tell him you are about to have a shower, what is his response?

A) What would do if I was there?

B) Makes a comment about how he wishes he was there

C) *wink face emoji*

D) Okay, call me after


5. What does he do if he receives a message in front of you?

A) I don’t know, I’ve never even seen his phone

B) He will turn it away from me

C) Sometimes he will tell me who it is other times he will turn the phone upside down

D) Tells you who it is


6. What does he do after 'woohoo'?

A) Says how he has an early day and leaves or gets me to leave

B) Gets on his phone

C) Talks to you, or goes to sleep

D) Cuddles you and goes to sleep


7. How many topless mirror selfies does he have on his instagram profile?

A) At least 5

B) 2

C) No mirror selfies, but topless photos at the beach

D) None, just normal photos


8. Has he met your family or friends?

A) No, and he doesn’t offer to come inside or pick me up from the door

B) No but we haven’t had the opportunity

C) Yes he has, but doesn’t like coming to all the events

D) Sure has, and he is coming to girls birthday on the weekend


9. Are his exes ‘crazy’?

A) Yes, but he still follows them all on Instagram

B) The majority, but he hasn’t had a proper relationship in years

C) Only a few of them, but he isn’t in contact with them anymore

D) He has never said they were, and is still friends with one or two


10. What does he do when you start to talk about your feelings?

A) Goes blank, will completely ignore all and any emotion

B) Brushes it off and changes the subject

C) Gets awkward but tries to be involved in the conversation

D) Listens and acknowledges how you are feeling

Get on this bus and move on. 

Get on this bus and move on. 


Mostly A's

Run. Delete his number. Erase any memory of him from your brain. Did I mention run? He is a textbook fuckboy and he isn't even trying to hide it. His 'move' is to treat women like shit and then move onto the next. Get out now before you are emotionally involved, if you are emotionally involved, rent John Tucker Must Die and remember that it is all going to be okay. You deserve more than some guy who only wants to see you when it suits him and treats you like a piece of meat. Its the 21st century, connect with your inner Beyonce and break away from this toxic man. I promise you, he is not worth hitching your wagon too because he is going nowhere quickly and he isn't going to change. Take this as a lesson, practice self-love and remember your worth. 


Mostly B's

He is either a recovering fuckboy or a fuckboy in training. Neither are great because you don't want a man even on that spectrum. Look, I am not going to say he is downright awful. However if you are on this page in the first place its probably not a great sign. When it comes down to it, if you feel like you are being treated poorly, you probably are. Don't second guess yourself or how you are feeling. You deserve to be respected, and appreciated and I don't think he is going to cut it. If he wanted to be apart of your life he wouldn't hide things from you, he would make an effort to meet your family and friends, and he wouldn't treat sex like his top priority. Listen to some Lana Del Rey, protect your heart and consider what you really want and what you deserve. 


Mostly C's

He is alright, just slightly immature. It could just be early days between the two of you and you are still testing the waters with each other. It is good to take that time to get to know each other before you commit to someone, you may not be 100% sure but you also don't know him. You can't win if you aren't in the game, so give him a chance to become apart of your life and treat you the way you deserve. Call him up on things that upset you or he disrespects you, you want to draw those lines so he knows that you know your worth. Trusts your instincts on this one, you know what is best for you, so stay or leave, you do you and the let the Lorde calm your mind in those late night overthinking episodes. 


Mostly D's

What are you even doing here girl? I would like to say congratulations on finding yourself a keeper. He is respectful, caring and more importantly, not a Fuckboy. You have got to know you've got it good, he is open with you, shows you affection, is making active attempts at truly becoming apart of your life. You knew your worth and what you deserved and found someone who saw that. Go listen to some Selena Gomez whilst getting ready for date night, because you could've just found your Justin Bieber (without all the media and messy in-between). I have no idea why you clicked on this link, but he is great! 


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