Best Netflix New Releases for the Homebody

Best Netflix New Releases for the Homebody

What you’ll be watching on Netflix this month!

Almost overnight the sun has well and truly gone down on our beach days. It is time to curl up the couch and make the most of the new arrivals on our all time favourite Netflix! So grab your snacks and the blanket because that recently added tab is next level hectic.


1. Queer Eye

Get ready to shed some tears, because its back and Netflix has spared no expense. Breaking down barriers and installing hope that anything is possible as long as you have 5 gay guys on your side.


2. Bad Neighbours 2

It has Zac Efron in it, topless, nothing else matters.


3. Zoolander 2

Sometimes sequels don’t ruin everything that we once love. MOCHA FRAPPUCCINOS


4. The Parent Trap

Lindsay Lohan truly did peak when there was two of her and she didn’t know what the world drug was.  


5. Homeland, Season 6

Next level amazing.


6. Chasing Liberty

I know its cheesy and I know it doesn’t make sense. But I love it and I am just embracing it.


7. The Huntsman Winter’s War

Another beautiful face, I am so here for this movie and Chris Hemsworth. Mainly Chris.


8. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

For your hungover days in bed.



P.S. Happy watching!