Netflix New Releases for a Frosty Weekend

Netflix New Releases for a Frosty Weekend

Can you feel the cold snap yet?
We can and even the warmest sweaters and the clunkiest heaters haven't been cutting it. So whilst I freeze in the Peppermayo head office I decided to plan my weekend...
Check out the Netflix new releases that couldn't have come any sooner. 


1. Queer Eye, Season 2

Is a list even a list anymore without some mention of these 5 beautiful men who give me hope?
Whilst we are at it, check out their equally beautiful partners here


2. Set it Up

Who doesn't love a side of cheesy Netflix Original with their Saturday Night Uber Eats? 
Side note: The below is me every-time I go on Facebook and see a wedding announcement. 


3. Alex Strangelove

The internet is going wild for this guy, even more wild than the aftermath of the Kylie Jenner baby thingo... get involved. 


4. Black Swan

I don't know... maybe some of you like this level of fucked up.


5. 13 Reasons Why, Season 2

If this is the first time you have heard about this you need to climb out from under your rock. 


6. Bridget Jone's Baby

I made my boyfriend watch this with me - would highly recommend.
P.S. Was I the only one rooting for McDreamy?


7. Grease

Clearly this is a passion of mine.


8. The Secret Life Of Pets

God this list is a weird combination...


9. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

Justin will be so proud! 
The below is me looking at the last piece of pizza, trying to figure out whether I should eat it.
Spoiler Alert: I eat it and a packet of Oeros.


That is it folks!
And if that gets boring, or you are an extreme multi-tasker like myself, check out Peppermayo New Arrivals!