The Best TV Shows and Movies available on Stan

The Best TV Shows and Movies available on Stan

Move over Netflix, there is a new heavy hitter in town and his name is Stan.

With an extensive range of popular tv shows and exclusives, it’s definitely a subscription you need in your life. Just to persuade you in the right direction, Peppermayo has put together a list of the greatest streaming opportunities courtesy of Stan.


1. The Office, US 

9 Seasons of pure bliss. My all time favourite, now if only I could get Dwight to get to my birthday...

The best couple ever. 

The best couple ever. 


2. Good Behaviour

In all honestly I never thought my favourite people would be a drug addict and a hitman, and yet here we are two seasons later. Javier I just need you to know that I love you... 


3. The Zoo Keepers Wife

Real life heroines all the way! 


4. Younger

Look, I am just going to put it out there. She never really looked 25. 


5. Two Weeks Notice

Why does Hugh Grant always look so concerned...


6. The O.C.

Still my all time favourite, except for that weird last season, lets just pretend it didn't happen. 


7. Friends

The first show I binge watched! Friends was made for rainy weekends spent tucked away!


8. Will & Grace

The original 8 seasons, plus the new re-vamp Season 9 does not disappoint! 


9. Veronica Mars

Real life Nancy Drew, Veronica had me dreaming of becoming a detective and solving murders. 


10. The Choice

Nicholas Sparks lives on. 

The Choice.jpg

11. Mulan

The strongest Disney Princess takes on an Army!


12. The Imitation Game

I love a good nerdy movie where I have no idea what is going on! 


13. Friday Night Lights

Anything that involves Jocks tends to have me front and centre. 


14. Kill Bill, Volume 1 & 2

The woman who needs no introduction. 


15. Love Child

An extremely underrated drama set in Kings Cross. Get onto it!