Best Burgers in Sydney

Best Burgers in Sydney

Nom Nom Nom

No matter what tickles your taste buds, whether you want triple decker cheese, maybe you are on a health kick or you are a strict vegan, Peppermayo believes that everyone has the god given right to consume delicious burgers everyday of the week.

So to ensure that you aren’t disappointed when you sink your teeth in this weekend, we’ve put together a list of the best burgers in Sydney.

The best part of all? Summer ended Wednesday, so we can all stop pretending that we are dieting to get that beach body and actually just enjoy that package of sweet sweet carbohydrates, guilt free.

Mary's Newtown

Mary's Newtown

Instagram: @marysnewtown

Its dark, its dingy, its gothic themed, the burgers are next level... what else could you possibly want? Oh thats right, there is a hot waiter. Get amongst it. 

Grill'd Burger

Grilled Burgers

Instagram: @grilldburgers

This place makes me so happy, I love that I can sit there, lying to myself that I am eating healthy. With stores all over Sydney, its perfect for takeaway night! 

Chur Burger, Surry Hills

Chur Burger, Surry Hills

Instagram: @churburgersurryhills

I don't think I even have to explain why this place is so amazing but lets just say I would let this burger get in bed with me and whisper sweet nothings in my ear. 

Paul's Famous Hamburgers, Sylvania

Paul's Famous Hamburgers

Instagram: @paulsfamoushamburgers

Sure we all love Instagram food porn burgers (*cough* Milky Lane *cough*) but sometimes we need to take it old school and give our cholesterol levels a rest. Tasty and delicious, it doesn't have famous in the name for nothing!

Soul Burger

Soul Burger

Instagram: @soulburgerau

Vegan galore! This place is full proof. I went here on the reg with my drop-kick ex, and that failed to turn me off...It is just too good.  

The Hold, Manly

The Hold, Manly

Instagram: @theholdmanly

I'd let this burger stick its flag in me. Okay sorry, but in all seriousness, they have both a normal and vegan menu. Something for everyone! 

Burger Project, Sydney

Burger Project

Instagram: @burgerproject

Glamourous fast food has never looked so good. This place ticks all the boxes, with shakes and crunchy chips to create the perfect love triangle. 

Zepickle, Surry Hills


Instagram: @zepickle

Migrated from the good ol' Gold Coast, these burgers are basically Ryan Gosling reincarnated as food. Now if only the burger could lie to you and tell you that you haven't gained 5 kgs, you'd have yourself the perfect relationship. 

Milky Lane Offical

Milky Lane Offical

Instagram: @milkylaneoffical

For those who like their burgers dipped in cheese and next level cocktails. Food coma was invented at Milky Lane. I want to bathe in that bowl of cheese. Naked. 

Down n' Out, Sydney

Down n out

Instagram: @downnout_

Why fly to America when Australia has its own version of the notorious 'In 'N' Out' Burger and we are minus one sexist, homophobic and overall 'shit bloke' president? No brainer right?


P.S. Thank god I just ordered Uber eats, that made me god dam hungry!