13 Ways to Beat Winter Boredom

13 Ways to Beat Winter Boredom

Clean out your wardrobe and sell your old clothes

Spring cleaning taken to a new level: clear out your old clothes and put them up on eBay. This is a nice way of clearing the clutter and getting a few extra dollars in your pocket.

Buy a plant and breathe life back into your room

Find an indoor plant that thrives on neglect, so you know it will survive the winter, and bring some greenery indoors.

DIY projects

Who doesn’t love a good arts and craft project? Do some embroidery, learn how to knit, build a vege garden… Here is a terrific link to heaps of other great ideas: Click on me 

Host a dinner party

Just because you can’t see your friends at the beach doesn’t mean you still can’t be social! Invite them all over, put the heater on, drink some wine and play a board game!

Plan a holiday

This can help rid you of the winter blues and get you dreaming of sunnier days. It doesn’t have to be long or expensive, it could just be a week in Bali! But it's better than nothing.

Plant a garden

Start planning for the spring! Figure out what you want to grow, where you want it to grow and pray that you have the green thumb to pull it off.

Slow down and cozy up

Obviously a much more traditional way of spending the cold weekends, but don’t forget that there is nothing wrong with hibernation. Netflix has released some terrific new seasons and movies, I have created a great winter reads list for you… so get warm and stay home.

Hearty meal prep

There is nothing better than the smell of lasagna in the oven or a slow cooker getting that curry ready! Plan your meals for the next few weeks, and get cooking. You can always freeze it all off so you literally don’t have to leave the house…

Spa day

Depending on whether this week budget allows, you could always do this one at home. Have a bath with some essential oils, wash your hair, paint your nails, moisturise… now that sounds amazing.

Book a show

Now that I have gone and told you all the ways you can go about Winter without actually have to leave the comfort of your home… look up what is playing at the theatre or what shows are coming to your closest city! Such a great way to spending an evening when the air outside is chilly.

Try an exercise class

I was also very skeptical about this one... however try something new! Get a one class pass and try something new! Pilates, Hot Yoga, Bare Attack or Dancing...

Tackle that to do list

We all have one, whether its polishing off the resume, cleaning out the fridge or finally organising all your paperwork. Start ticking off those jobs that you always put aside! 


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