10 First Date Red Flags

10 First Date Red Flags

This was a hard list to write, not because there is any lack of first date red flags, but more because people should be themselves. However, there are some things I simply cannot tolerate, which is saying a lot because I did cross off ‘get drunk’ from the list. Because hell, if you can handle it, why not?



Unless they have a legitimate excuse, e.g. the train flew off the tracks and they are trekking through the jungle to get to you (ABC News backs it up).

Phone out

My partner has always said, having your phone on the table or checking it during a date is the equivalent to having your dick out on the table. What is so much more interesting than getting to know you?


The Bill

If someone doesn’t offer to pay or this situation gets awkward then it’s definitely a little red flag. I understand this is a tough topic but I believe that both parties should offer to pay their share, if one party insists on paying the entire bill, don’t fight it and just thank them!


Coming on too strong is definitely a red flag. There is nothing wrong with organising a second date when you are still together, but planning a trip to Bali or inviting them to your sisters wedding is potentially just a little too much for someone.


One Man Show

It is all about them, their life, their work, their friends, you are lucky if you get a word in. You want to have a conversation, not just nodding for an hour and half. If they are interested in you, you would hope they would ask questions about you and your life.


This is for both sides, if they bore you or they seem bored by you it is probably not a match made in heaven. Those first few days are supposed to be exciting the give you butterflies, you are getting to know someone and the possibility of that is amazing - however if they can’t keep that eye contact and get distracted easily then maybe reconsider deleting tinder.


‘Crazy’ Ex

Any ex or past relationship that is brought up on the first date is always odd, and not the greatest topic of conversation. But if they start bad mouthing their ex partner, calling them all sorts of crazy, they are most likely the one that drove them to that point.


Now I drop f**k like it is going out of style, but it can be very off-putting when on a first date (which is supposed to be sweet and romantic) everything is f this, f that, what a asshole, blah blah.



Rude to you, the wait staff, strangers, or all the above. They are an asshole. Run, run very fast. 

Reflection Obsessed

This can be hard to pick up and may take a few dates, but if you constantly catch them looking at shiny objects or windows, they are most likely overly obsessed with themselves. I am all for self-love but this is a bit much.


Now that we've gone and scared you, pick an outfit for your date this weekend!