10 Valentine's Day Date Ideas

10 Valentine's Day Date Ideas

The flowers are cut, the chocolates are wrapped and the teddy bears are holding hearts.

Its that time of year again where apparently everyone forgets how annoying their significant other is and is all about how much they love them.

(Not bitter at all) 

Whether it’s a first date or you and your love are stuck in a rut, Peppermayo has decided to get all lovey dovey on you and has put together a list of the cutest Valentine's Day date ideas. Skip the dinner and movies and add some spice to February the 14th this year. 

Fear not, these date ideas aren't just for committed. Grab a bunch of friends and make it a Valentine's Day all about friendship! 


1. Drive in Movies

Throw it back to the flared skirts of the 50s, jump in the car with popcorn and a soda and watch the latest on the big screen. You get the control the temperature, the volume, how far back your chair goes and just how much smooching is involved. So come on Sandy, grab your Danny and become hopelessly devoted at the drive in.


2. Waterfalls

Just when you thought that sneakers weren’t date footwear, the weather starts heating up and the idea of hiking to a waterfall doesn’t sound all so bad. Grab your swimmers, some snacks and head to a nature's shower. Hint: Trust me when I say, don’t kiss under the waterfall, it’s not nearly as romantic as it seems in the movies.


3. Picnic

The date that has withstood the tests of time and is still the best way to spend any sunset in summer. Why? Because the possibilities are endless. Are you going to drink the entire bottle of wine, are you going to finish those Jatz, are you going to go skinny dipping? Yes, yes and yes.


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4. Markets, Day and Night

I don’t think I even need to explain why the markets are amazing. Food, clothes, and did I mention Food and Clothes? So grab a basket and stock up on the fresh produce, some Christmas gifts and sift through the many vintage stores. Also, watch your local City’s Calendar and mark any upcoming night markets, the stars and the music and more importantly the food is fantastic.


5. Fruit Picking

Take advantage of this warm weather and head outside and pick some of your fave sweets. Now do a little research and find the best fruit farm, maybe make a weekend out of it and Air Bnb a cute cottage for the night. I recommend berry picking.


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6. Bowling

You know what is really cute? Beating your date at a really competitive game of bowling. I know the shoes may not match your outfit but you can get a hot dog and beer. Terrific combination, making it a memorable date even if you don’t win.

Sorry.. just look at their faces. 

Sorry.. just look at their faces. 

7. Aquariums and Wildlife Parks

Picture the movie montage in your head, laughing at the giraffes, scared at the sharks, patting the Koalas, mimicking the monkeys… now if that’s not a great date then I don’t know what is. So get a backpack, make some sandwiches and spend the day in the animal kingdom.


8. Galleries

Whether you are an art lover or look at pictures and think that you probably could of done that (you just didn’t), galleries and opening nights at exhibitions are fun! Head to a nice dinner before or after and you’ve got yourself a night full of culture and questionable art.


9. Bike Riding

Now who said exercise wasn’t a great date? Probably no one, but I am here to let you know that the image of you two peddling around on bikes, ringing your bell at each other is making me choke up. So lace up those runners and ride around your local area or city. Who knows - maybe there is a picnic at the end of it.


10. Cooking Dinner

Go grab some groceries (nudge nudge; taco ingredients) and cook up a storm together but please don’t start throwing flour, yet again it’s not nearly as romantic as the movies. But apart from that… enjoy those tacos and make them do the dishes.


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