French Girl Styling Tips

French Girl Styling Tips

...from a definitely not French girl.
However I have done my research on the alluring creature and have put together some of the
tops tips to channel your inner modern French Women. 
Effortless, beautiful and classic style.



And I am not talking about a tacky beret and gingham dress. The real french girl has a uniform, which if you have seen Madeline (the OG) you would know. Its basic, good tailoring, jeans and branded accessories. Its so easy to replicate, and so relevant to modern fashion.



Its all about natural beauty, to make the whole thing feel effortless. The hair is messy, bed head waves, which is pumped with dry shampoo but minimal colour treatment. The makeup is basic, only concealer to give the appearance of naturally perfect skin, framed eyes with mascara and a pop of colour on the lips. 



Nonchalant and mysterious. The key to completing the look is acting allusive. You don't have to be cold or rude, simply leave them wanting more with subtle gestures and a chic vibe. Try pouting your lips when you think and perfect your giggle. 


Coffee and Food

Now to the best bit... always drinking coffee, reading a book and ordering a croissant, the French girl diet is one we can have for breakfast. Don't be afraid to eat on the go or take your time at the coffee shop. It will just add to your French girl vibe - without the expensive ticket to paris.