Top 12 Winter Date Ideas

Top 12 Winter Date Ideas

As the cold front hits, we retreat indoors with cups of hot chocolate and a strong internet connection to get us through the Australian Winter - which is basically equivalent to England’s Summer.

Just because the heat stops, doesn’t mean the love has to. Winter dates are the bee’s knees, the cool air giving you all the more reason to cuddle up and show off that new coat you bought.

Peppermayo brings you the Top 12 Winter Date ideas, so grab a notepad and take notes for this weekend with your loved one.

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1. Fire! 

I promise you I am not a 10 year old obsessed with setting things on fire, however they are romantic. Indoors, outdoors, it works both ways. Collect some firewood and have a night in snuggled up in-front of the fireplace, or brave the weather and set up a bonfire up under the stars. Psst - Smores.


2. Make Chocolate Fondue

*whispers* chillin’ by the fire while we eatin fondue. Grab some fruit and waffles, and enjoy how much better everything is dipped in chocolate. Shout out to Justin Bieber, he was the true inspiration for number 1 and 2.


3. Games Night

Coming from someone who is overly competitive about how many easter eggs I found in the hunt over the long weekend, I might have miss this one. But that doesn’t mean other couples can’t enjoy a glass of wine over a board game!


4. Weekend Away!

Rent a cabin or find a cute Air Bnb up in the mountains and get away for the weekend.


5. Blanket Fort

Now I am acting like that 10 year old, but do you remember just how cozy is was under there?! There is no parents to rouse on your either, so grab a laptop and some takeaway and enjoy a night under the sheets (don’t be dirty - but sure that as well).


6. Snow Weekend

Depending on how close you are, head to the snow for the weekend. Just enjoy the white mountains, or brave your inner sportiness and try your turn on the slopes. Drinks at the bar after, and cuddling up in a little lodge hotel… not too shabby.


7. Mini Golf?

I put the question mark because it isn’t for everyone… but indoor sports can be fun. So if Golf isn’t your thing, trying bowling, rock climbing, one of those trampoline places, you get my gist.


8. Museums, Art Galleries, Local Events!

Sign up to your local event guide, check out The Urban List and stay up to date with fun things that are happening near you. They also have some great articles about free things to do, and reviews on restaurants!


9. Open Air Cinema

They tend to run for the first few months of year, so if you are lucky you can grab yourself some tickets. Or try the drive in movies - now that is groovy. Pack a picnic basket with treats and warm drinks, and spice up your weekly movie night!


10. Skating!

Would it be a winter date idea list without this one? Roller Skating, Ice Skating, take your pick and lace up those skates!


11. Theme Park

Back to my 10 year old, however you can’t deny that going on a Ferris Wheel, all rugged up is the greatest idea ever. Win a stuffed bear, eat your weight in hot dogs, throw up the hot dogs after a slightly ambitious decision to go on a dingy rollercoaster… what more could you want!


12. The Great Outdoors

Because let's face it, it isn’t that cold. Put on your hiking boots, a beanie, explore some great hikes and enjoy a picnic at the end of it all. The best part of it all? You’ll most likely have the track to yourselves because no one else is leaving the house.