12 Life Lessons Courtesy Of Samantha Jones

12 Life Lessons Courtesy Of Samantha Jones

She was a character full of wisdom and female empowerment.
So it should come as no surprise that we have decided to take a dose of life lessons from the glorious Samantha Jones.


Love Yourself

Contrary to societies beliefs and how most of us girls were raised, it is okay to be selfish and to put yourself first. 


Don't Self Doubt

On the note, don't let others negativity get in the way of your happiness. Don't doubt who you are. 


Be Straight Up

Especially when it comes to dating and love. Nobody has time for fuckboys.


Express Yourself

Fuck being lady like. Swearing is a terrific way of getting out that anger and adding va va voom to your argument.


Know Excatly Who You Are

And don't apologise for it. 


Don't Encourage Your Friends Crazy Thoughts

We all do it, we all over think and drive ourselves crazy. Be the person to snap your friends out of it. 


But Always Be There For Them

Just as they would be there for you...


Everyone Loves a Dirty Pun

No comment.


Be Open-Minded

Don't knock it till your try it.


No One is Perfect

Unfortunately not even men, so don't hold out for fairy tale, it doesn't exist. Everything has ups and downs. 


Age Is Just a Number

Style and confidence is timeless.


Have High Standards

There is nothing wrong with having high standards, for your career, for your relationship... don't settle.