Sucker for Surprise

Sucker for Surprise

Valentine’s Day as we know it is a day of love. It’s time to be spent with either your BFFs, family, SO or even just some down time for yourself. No matter who you’re with, you’re definitely bound to have an unforgettable loved up day when you step out of your usual routine. Here are some refreshing date ideas to get the hearts rolling!

Gin Tasting

Quite the drank connoisseur now? Why not have a sesh where you get to experience flavours anew with someone you hold close to you. It’ll definitely get the conversation rolling and nothing brings people together quite like sharing opinions, especially over drinks.

Painting Class

Paint me like one of your French gals…Relax yourself and break any ice as you unleash a bit of your creative side. You can feel more at ease and feel free to express yourself on the canvas as well as to bae. You also get a cute lil’ souvenir of all your artistic efforts, so what is there not to gain?

Mini Golf

If you’ve got strong feeling of love then putt your foot down! You’ll definitely have a ball and get into an easy-going convo whilst making your way through any course. At most mini golf centres, there’ll also be food and drinks, so if you’re leaning more towards something active yet chill, this could be the perf date.

Pottery Class

This will be like every classic Romantic movie ever where either you or Bae could make moves! You can definitely strengthen your connection as you’re learning a new skill. This can definitely lead to some cheeky banter or hand holding, as you relax and let your inner artiste out. 

Trip To A Winery

Girl you get to dress up and sip on something refined - The best for the best! Enjoy some time away from your usual schedule and surroundings. You will really get to bond over the best wine and antipasto boards - Sounds like a Summer dream!