Failed Reality Relationships

Failed Reality Relationships

After last weeks tragic blow learning about the split of Jenna and Channing Tatum, I think all of our hearts are bleeding, so that raises the question - Why am I doing this? Especially when it contradicts my last lovey dovey post?

 Well, I need a constant reminder to never sign up to The Bachelor, of course. In all honestly though, I know that Married at First Sight didn’t get such good ratings because everyone enjoyed all the love. You love to see what the ‘crazy girl’ does next on the Bachelor and you are all sitting there with your fingers crossed that Jarrod will cry, again.

Australia is obsessed with love and drama, especially when it plays on the screen and we can sit back with no care or emotional repercussion. This potentially is just a trend, so whilst they are still around, relish with me in all the fantastically failed reality show relationships.


1. Basically every couple from Married At First Sight

Apparently they are love scientists? I am pretty sure they are all weird sex addicts and we need to revoke their 'scientist' certificates.


2. Alex and Richie

HAHA! Nikki for the win. The best part? Alex turned around and found same sex love, just like other contestants, Tiffany and Megan, on his season of the Bachelor. Heavy days ‘cool bananas’ heavy days.


3. Sophie Monk and whatever his name is

I know he is rich, has 50 kids, and got his tubes tied. But I can’t place his name, I could just google it, but who cares, am I right? Poor Soph, we promise it’s not you, you just got a really bad batch of men. Maybe you’ll have more luck on Tinder?


4. Sam Frost and Sasha

This was genuinely upsetting, I was emotionally invested in this relationship because I picked it from the first episode when they basically fell in love at first sight. A real shame. But now she has like a radio show or something? So good for her!


5. Lauren and Andrew

I added this because it was so dramatic and she ran away on the wedding night. AMAZING! Poor Andrew - even though pretty sure he ended up being painted like a villan.

6. Blake and The Runner Up 

I’m just going to leave this here: Fuckboy.



That is about the only ones who are relevant. Anywho, I’ll get back on my broom and fly away now. Maybe I’ll do a revision once Bachelor in Paradise (AKA leftovers drunk in paradise) has concluded.