Student Survival Guide: What to Wear

Student Survival Guide: What to Wear

Whether this is your first semester at uni or you’ve been there for a million years, how to dress comfortable for classes, but still remain fashionable can be one of the most traumatising experiences.

Student to Student, I have put together a guide to help you organise your wardrobe before the semester gets into its full swing. Have a read and see what is missing and what needs to be left for the weekends.




I am going to start with footwear, why? Because we are all broke so there is a high chance we catch public transportation rather than springing for gas and parking every week. I know the girls look so great in that pair of heeled boots, or those super cute suede mules, but I promise you, they are dying inside. Ever had to walk around the city for 2 hours and remain standing for 3 hours in a tutorial in a pair of 4 inch boots? Well I have, that was 2 years ago and my feet still haven’t forgiven me. So opt for flats, cool sneakers are still all the rage if you haven’t heard and go with everything - yes even that cute mini dress. Brands such as Vans and Superga are a dream come true for every student. If you just got a fresh pedicure try a sandal that has a little more support, like Billini slides, to get you through those painful lectures.




Dresses are still my favourite when it comes to dressing for uni, they are cute, comfortable and can breezy - summer dresses aren't just for gallivanting at the beach or at brunch.  Definitely go for a simple styles, like wrap dresses or slip dresses, these are really comfortable, and can be worn with a denim jacket when the weather turns against us all. You can make this cool with fun prints such as camo or gingham which are very on trend, a floral dress or two won't hurt either. 




If my beautiful paragraph about how amazing a dress feels when the wind gets underneath it and you are still insisting on wearing a top - go plain and comfortable. A plain t-shirt or singlet. You may have forgotten how much the lace on that cami actually itches the skin, how annoying that wrap top is to tie up again, or just how low that crop top actually goes - but I haven’t. I promise you, nothing is worse than having to check your cleavage every two minutes or hold a piece of your garment down whilst you are trying to walk from the station. To make it slightly more exciting to pair with all your favourite denim, try graphic prints of a fun sleeve, you can still style and layer that bad boy easily! 




I don’t care what they say, shorts aren’t practical - denim, fabric, lace, spandex - doesn't matter! They cut into your thighs, ride up higher than your goddamn underwear and are just more trouble than they are worth. Opt for denim skirts, they are super comfortable and you can wear them with anything. Once that cold front hits, leave the party pants for Saturday night grooving, and pick up your trusty denim jeans. Brands such as Levi's, Wrangler and Lee will never leaving you hanging with their quality design and denim. I like straight leg as they aren’t too restricting, but if its a good brand you can’t really go wrong.




Knitwear and denim jackets are your best friend. They can go over all those cute mini dresses you have and will pair perfectly with your basic tees. They are also super comfortable! Skip the leather jacket, especially if it’s hard to move your arms around in. A good trench coat also doesn’t go astray and is easily thrown over most outfits. Make sure you check that weather forecast though, because there is nothing more annoying (except denim shorts riding up) than having to carry around jumpers because the sun decided to show its face.



Bags and Accessories

Give the big chunky earrings a miss, actually just give it all a miss. Just no. Unless it’s small and doesn’t have any chance of getting lost or stuck in anything it doesn’t need to be on your body in class. Now bags, I know the tote is cute but your laptop and textbooks that weighs the same as a small child will break not only the straps on your tote bag but your shoulder. You don’t want to be swapping your bag from arm to arm for a 20 minute walk to campus. Stress less though, I am telling you backpacks are cool and my opinion is the only one that matters. Get a nice flap backpack that will fit everything and balance the weight on your back. I promise you, the backpack is the only way.



P.S. Happy Learning Lovers!