Amazingly Weird Food Creations

Amazingly Weird Food Creations

1. Avocado and Vegemite

This is a given obviously, but if you consider it or look at it too much… its kinda gross. But it’s totally amazing. Up your breakfast game with this Australian combo.


2. McDonalds Fries and Shake

This brings back amazing memories of when I was a kid and I didn’t know what calories were and I wasn’t aware of just how big my thighs can get. Sitting in the back seat, stealing your siblings chips and dipping them in your shake… heaven.


3. Popcorn and Maltesers

Again not such an awful or shocking combo, but the best way to enjoy a night out at the cinemas. If you pour those maltesers in when the popcorn is still warm, and it melts.. Oh god I am salivating.


4. Broccoli and Cheetos (Twisties)

Seriously skeptical about this one, as its come from our odd American friends. Swap out Cheetos for our version, Twisties, you have just removed the nutritional value of your greens at dinner.


5. Oreos and Peanut Butter

A Vegan’s heaven… the best accidentally vegan product dipped in my life (peanut butter), truly amazing. I know what I’ll be snacking on this evening.


6. Sweet Potato Fries and Maple Syrup

If you haven’t drizzled maple syrup over those crispy sweet potato fries then you haven’t lived.


7. Dark Chocolate and Parmesan Cheese

Don’t roll your eyes, the savoury of the cheese and the sweet of the chocolate are a truly amazing combination. Make a toastie out of the combo or melt it on top of your cheese pizza, you’ll thank me later.


8. Bacon and Peanut Butter

Sweet and savoury is a combination that is all over this list, this can apply in so many ways. Make it a sandwich, put it on your bacon burger, just dip the crispy bacon into the peanut butter tub. So many options.


9. Green Apples and Salsa

The chilli in the salsa slathered over the slice of a green apple, makes it a great alternative to the Doritos. Just try it pleaseeee.


10. Salted Chips and Nutella

Dip heaven, just crack that tub of Nutella open and go for gold, again opposites attract. Truly amazing.


11. Ramen and Cheese

2 minute noodles and cheesy goodness. Every broke students dream, make up those noodles, add that cheese in, zap it in the microwave and bam. Cheesy noodles for less then $2.


12. Olive Oil and Ice-Cream

I am still skeptical about this but it is everywhere! Drizzled over all different flavours, it brings a level of smoothness to the ice-cream.

IMG_6680-2 (1).jpg

13. Hot Sauce and Cauliflower

We all love chicken wings slathered in the stuff, but what about a fav veggie, cauliflower. I am not much of a cook so I can’t tell you how to make it, but this recipe can help you...


14. Goats Milk Cheese and Caramel

This doesn’t surprise me, imagine spreading goats milk cheese on a caramel bite or mixing it into your favourite caramel slice recipe. The sour would totally compliment the overload of sweetness that is caramel.


15. Avocado and Chocolate

Adds a silken texture and brings a new level of richness as the chocolate and cocoa hides the flavour of avocado. Moose, Cake, so many options!