Winter Beauty Tips

Winter Beauty Tips

Peppermayo Tested and Approved!



Wash your face with warm water
As much as we all love those scolding showers during the chilly months, the heat strips your face of its natural oils and can dry out your complexion even more than the bitter wind. Instead, wash your face with lukewarm water and keep it out of the way in the shower.

Moisture and Sunscreen
This is an obvious step, however switching to a heavier moisturiser can be beneficial to help plump up your skin. The winter sun is just as harsh as its summer sister, so don’t forget to apply sunscreen after your moisturiser.

Keep up your hydration
We can tend to forget to drink water during winter because we aren’t using it to keep cool and to drown our parched mouths at the beach. However it is still essential to our skin (and survival).

Use gentle products
Don’t even think about picking up the charcoal cleanser or that apricot scrub. These harsh products do more harm than good during winter as our skin is uber sensitive. Opt for natural or organic products that are labelled gentle and suited to sensitive skin. Have a look at brands such as Simple, Sukin, A'kin and Ecostore. 

Night-time Regime and Overnight treatments
You can utilise those hours of forty winks to do some much needed RNR on our skin, so find a night time regime that works and stick to it. This could be a serum followed with an dense moisturiser, or it could be an overnight cream. Don’t forget point 4 though, and move towards the natural products in Priceline.




Put the powders down

This is probably a given but just in case… definitely reconsider your baking - cookies? Yes, your face? No - your face is dry enough. Lightly dust translucent powder under your eyes and then use a setting spray (aka your new best friend). This doesn’t just apply to the finishing touches, find a cream bronzer, blush and highlighter. This will keep your skin looking plump and delicious.

Use light formulas

Heavy formulas are the worst all year round, but just in case you need a reminder of that. Opt for a concealer, BB cream or lightweight foundation to cover your imperfections. This will allow the skin to still breathe through the day and give you a dewy finish.

Find that lip-balm

Am I the only person who has bought 15 lip balms the past 6 months but still find myself sitting here without a lip balm? Find one, or buy one and chain it to your wrist. Cracked lips aren't cute or comfortable.

Keep the complexion warm

Fake it till you make it! Just because summer has ended doesn’t mean you can’t still look like a goddess. Apply cream bronzer in moderation around your face and blend a little along your jawline to balance it out.




Stop washing your hair
Okay not completely, but I know there is some of you out there who wash it every night! Not only must that be exhausting, but its awful for your hair. If I could go back to my teenage self and stop her from getting into this habit I would! It strips the hair of its natural oils which is needed to stop your scalp and the ends of your hair from drying out. Invest in some dry shampoo and learn a few updos!


Regular hair appointments
I know it seems like an effort and an expensive step, however no one said you have to go there and get a colour, treatment, blow dry and style. Just get a few inches cut off every few months to keep your hair healthy and happily growing during the cool months.


Weekly treatments
Ask your hairdresser what would be best suited or just have a little read up on your hair type and what it needs, but a weekly deep conditioning treatment will do wonders to give you a little extra shine and replenish the lost moisture.


Wrap it up
I am not huge fan of hats and beanies but I have to acknowledge that some people look great in them! So instead of inflicting the pain of static of your hair and the rubbing against the wool. Wrap your head in a silk scarf first!


Home Remedies
It is time to test out all those bookmarked DIY beauty tips! This could be olive oil into your scalp, coconut oil left in overnight, an egg hair mask, massaging honey into your ends, you name it - there is one! Find a reputable source and test some of these out! You’ll be surprised how great a DIY hair treatment can be!