6 Inexpensive Ways to Revamp your Room!

6 Inexpensive Ways to Revamp your Room!


Clean and clear that clutter

Don’t moan and groan at me! Cleaning makes a huge difference, sweep, mop, dust (high and low), open the windows and wash your bedding. Grab some cute baskets from Ikea and use them to clear clutter from sight and to store all of your cords. Putting that mess in allocated places will completely change the feel of your room.



Move your furniture around

Google some good feng shui and move around your bed, put your desk at the window so you have a view to look at when you are working away. Just simply readjusting what you already have is the best way to make your room feel like new again.




Grab a few, some small enough to sit on surfaces, and a few big enough to be put on the ground! These little lovelies will literally breathe life back into your room and make it look like your the next up and coming interior designer.



Art prints

Inexpensive and can look amazing when framed and hung up! Head to your local markets or scroll through some Instagram accounts and pick up some artwork prints that will compliment your space. Pair that with some simple frames from Ikea and that’s art Brenda.



Hang things on the wall

Learn how to use a screwdriver, hammer, drill or find someone who can! Moving things from your desk up onto the walls is a great way to clear space and make your room look more complete. Hang up your lights, a bookshelf, hats, plants, artwork… I could continue.



Decorative pillows

Relatively inexpensive and can be that final pinterest touch your room is craving. Play with textures and colours that go with what you already have in your room. Be careful though to not overdo it! They shouldn’t cover half of your mattress.