The Ultimate Chick Flick List

The Ultimate Chick Flick List

Top 65 Chick Flicks! 

As fun as your local dirty nightclub is on a Saturday night, sometimes it can be exhausting to contour like Kimmy K and count down the minutes until you can take your heels off. Take a break this week, or every week, from being hit on at the bar and being called rude when you decline their offer to buy you a drink. Have a girls night, or a solo night with your cat - no judgement here.

What night is complete with a fantastic chick flick or two? Exactly.

Mix those maltesers with the popcorn and get comfy, because Peppermayo has put the ultimate chick flick list together. We really had to restrain ourselves, because we know just how indecisive you can be. We also scrolled through some streaming services (calling it 'work') and gave bonus points to movies that were available on a streaming site and had a makeover montage.

Enjoy Ladies and Gents! 


1. 10 Things I Hate About You

heath ledger GIF-source.gif

2. John Tucker Must Die

block b love GIF-source.gif

3. The Women

Career makeover montage and its on Netflix, oh and its only women... ahhhmazing


4. The Fault In Our Stars

the fault in our stars GIF-source.gif

5. She's The Man

Makeover montage and its on Stan...yasssss. 

amanda bynes chaning tatum GIF-source.gif

6. 17 Again

This beautiful specimen is hanging around on Stan - go find him. 


7. The Devil Wears Prada


8. Miss Congeniality

The baddest bitch is ready available on Netflix for your next procastinating session. 


9. How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

how to lose a guy in 10 days blow kiss GIF-source.gif

10. A Walk To Remember

a walk to remember love GIF-source.gif

11. The Parent Trap

lindsay lohan twins GIF-source.gif

12. Life As We Know It

Golden star, it is on Stan! 

happy depression GIF-source.gif

13. The Ugly Truth

Netflix and a Makeover Montage... sign me up!


14. The Vow

the vow love GIF-source.gif

15. 50 First Dates


16. A Cinderella Story

There is weird rip offs on Netflix, but nothing beats the original. 

a cinderella story GIF-source.gif

17. Freaky Friday

jamie lee curtis make good choices GIF-source.gif

18. P.S. I Love You

Get your tissues ready, this cry fest is available on Netflix! 

gerard butler love GIF-source (1).gif

19. The Holiday


20. Legally Blonde

It is on Netflix and has a brain makeover montage - 30 points to Gryfindor! 

legally blonde liar GIF-source.gif

21. Dear John

On both Netflix and Stan.. oooh yeah! 


22. Bridget Jones' Diary, 1, 2 & 3

celine dion love GIF-source.gif

23. Sweet Home Alabama


24. Charlie St. Cloud

zac efron sully GIF-source.gif

25. Dirty Dancing


26. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

valentines day shave GIF by My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2-source.gif

27. When Harry Met Sally

The only chick flick my boyfriend likes.. I think. It's on Netflix and Stan gents! 

i hate you sally GIF-source.gif

28. Crazy, Stupid, Love

come here GIF-source.gif

29. The Time Travellers Wife

This movie is my absoulte favourite, and it can be found on Stan! 

time travelers wife love GIF-source.gif

30. Letters To Juliet

ice cream love GIF-source.gif

31. Bridesmaids

Head over to Stan! 

melissa mccarthy bridesmaids GIF-source.gif

32. The Last Song

miley cyrus love GIF-source.gif

33. Never Been Kissed


34. Grease

Makeover Montage! 

olivia newton john smoking GIF-source.gif

35. Clueless

Connect with your inner high school Diva, Clueless is on Netflix!


36. Titanic



37. Pitch Perfect

pitch perfect herpes GIF-source.gif

38. The Notebook

I don't think Netflix or Stan could call itself a streaming service without this movie in the library. 


39. Easy A


40. My Best Friend's Wedding


41. Eat, Pray, Love

Go for a trip around the world with Julia Roberts on Stan!

sandra bullock love GIF-source.gif

42. Pretty Woman

pretty woman GIF-source.gif

43. Notting Hill

It was completely unintentional to put four Julia Roberts movie in a row.. or was it?


44. Save The Last Dance

Does a dance montage count? Brownie points, its on Netflix! 

julia stiles dancing GIF-source.gif

45. Coyote Ugly

coyote ugly no more sad songs GIF by Little Mix-source.gif

46. Fifty Shades of Grey

fifty shades of grey GIF-source.gif

47. Maid in Manhattan


48. Definitely, Maybe

As if we didn't love Ryan Reynolds enough - Definitely, Maybe is on Netflix!

isla fisher GIF-source.gif

49. Brookyln


50. The Wedding Planner


51. The Longest Ride

scott eastwood luke collins GIF-source.gif

52. About Time


53. Safe Haven

Josh is back at it again, and he is on Netflix!

please stay i love you GIF-source.gif

54. Mean girls


55. Love, Rosie


56. Burlesque

20 points to Gryffindor! Makeover montage and its on Netflix! 

burlesque GIF-source.gif

57. Water For Elephants

robert pattinson GIF-source.gif

58. Raise Your Voice

sad hilary duff GIF-source.gif

59. Me Before You

watch me GIF-source.gif

60. The Age of Adaline

Basically she has slept with his dad.. not mad though because it is on Netflix! 


61. The Princess Diaries

Every little girls dream, it is on Netflix and includes the ultimate makeover montage. 

the princess diaries eyebrows GIF-source.gif

62. Wild Child


63. Sex and The City


64. Bring It On

Find multple sequels of the classic on Netflix, but unfortunately this bad boy isn't there. 


65. Step Up 



There it is! Call up you girlfriends and organise your next movie night!