Top 5: Beach Spots To Take Your Pup

Top 5: Beach Spots To Take Your Pup

The best part about the warmer weather approaching is that we can go on mini adventures with our BFFLs - The Dogue. Check out these dog-friendly spots that you can kick back in style at, all while your pup plays to their heart's content. 

1. Kutti Beach

A more hidden but just as lively location is Kutti Beach. The smaller ridge of sand between Parsley Bay Reserve and Watsons Bay is a happy surprise. Dogs should be on a leash by the bay but if you let your companion run around or taking a dip as they please, everyone else won’t seem to be buggin’.  

TIP: You can access the beach via a staircase next to the Vaucluse Amateur Sailing Club at the end of Wharf Road.

Image Credit: @danielarooney @ggggslen

2. Silver Beach in Kurnell

We’re here for only the best time! On the west of Silver Beach, in the direction of Donna Point Reserve, you will find an area of the beach occupied by many happy doggos. It’s super chilled out with low tides, allowing for our fave animals to take their time in swimming, running a fair few laps on the sand in addition to mingle with other dogs. 

Image Credit: @th_acco @fieldspaniel

3. Manly Lagoon

Gotta love a dip! Let your pups take a leisurely swim in the waters (Although we can’t say we recommend that you join them). The lagoon is off-leash and the perimeter of the Manly Lagoon Park, Aitkin Reserve and Hinkler Reserve is just the perfect hangout.

Image Credit: @osierbelle @elefantiyoga

4. Greenhills Beach - Cronulla

What? A dog-friendly beach? AND by the ocean, you say?! Be right here where dogs can enjoy the spacious setting. You can accompany your buddy on a lovely beach stroll or enjoy the sunshine as they roll around in the sand - It’s an experience for all. Do note that dogs can run off leash before 10am and after 4pm.

Image Credit: @cronullabeachdogs @jacqui_challinor

5. Rose Bay Beach

Extending from Dumaresq Reserve to Tingira Memorial Reserve, the Rose Bay Foreshore also takes up the south portion of Rose Bay. This means more leg and paddle room for dogs! They are able to happily venture off leash and run in and out of the low-tide bay. The Foreshore is not far from Lyne Park which includes areas where your dog can go off leash. Once your bestie is definitely puffed out from being hyper by the water, you can then take a stroll on the nearby Rose Bay Promenade Walk.

Image Credit: @geebangs @nitsuje

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