New Hair, Who Dis?

New Hair, Who Dis?

Looking to make some change for this Summer? We’ve got the spill on the hottest hair trends right now which should get your gears turning for how to keep your tresses trendy.

Millenial Pink

Bring out your true blushing babe with this eye-catching tone. You are bound to have so much fun with dressing up in pops of colour or soft pastels and florals to match.

Ice Blonde

Nothing says sass quite like icy locks. There is something classy yet sexy about this shade of blonde - You’ll definitely feel up to pulling off some daring V-cuts or edgy oversized streetwear.


Make a statement with some blue tones and play around with how you put together your outfits. You can easily dress casual with pretty dresses and quirky accessories or go sleek with poppin’ make up and smart sets. 

Warm Chocolate

Get in touch with the hot weather and feel fresh as you try out a rich chocolate colour. The best thing about this neutral tone is that you can rock almost any look - relaxed, sultry or chic.


Counter the heat with this cooling silver vibe. Stylish and fashion-forward, you’ll be able to add some kind of edge into all of your outfits, as well as constantly look hot!