QUIZ: Ariana Grande Trivia

QUIZ:  Ariana Grande Trivia

We think you can agree that Ariana Grande is the woman of the year for all of us! See how much of a true Arianator you are when you put your skills to the test with this quiz.

What state is Ariana from?

a) New York b) Florida c) Los Angeles 

What is Ariana's older brother's name?

a) Danny b) Frankie c) Ricky 

How many octaves does Ariana’s voice range?

a) 5 b) 4 c) 3

Who is Ariana's celebrity crush?

a) Channing Tatum   b) Jon Bon Jovi c) George Clooney

What is Ariana's favorite sport?

a) Basketball b) Swimming c) Horse Riding 

What is her favourite T.V show 

a) The O.C b) Gossip Girl c) Friends 

What was her favourite subject at school 

a) Music b) Science c) Art 

Ariana attended her first concert to see …?

a) Beyonce b) Katy Perry c) Lady Gaga

What Nickelodeon show did she star in?

a) iCarly b) Victorious c) Drake and Josh

Who is Ariana’s style icon?

a) Princess Diana b) Marylin Monroe c) Brigitte Bardot 

How did you score?

Mostly A’s and C’s 

Looks like you've just discovered Miss Grande! Luckily, there's plenty of time for you to memorize all the lyrics to "Dangerous Woman" before her fourth album drops.

Mostly B’s 

Move over, Jennette! You're a total Arianator. You scroll through Ariana's Instagram at least once a day (OK, once an hour!), and know basically everything about her fabulous life.