Season of Self Love

Season of Self Love

“He is very dreamy, but he is not the sun. You are”*

Loving yourself is the ultimate commitment, it is about accepting yourself for who you are and reminding yourself that you are beautiful, worthy, valuable and deserving of happiness.

Peppermayo is all about loving yourself and self-care. So we thought that we would ask around the office for a few suggestions about what our beautiful staff members do when they are feeling low. Some little actions that help them feel lighter.


Practice Positive Thinking and Affirmations

Reminding yourself whenever you do get low that you are amazing and that you are worthy can help brighten your mood. After all you need to believe in yourself first.
Positive thinking is another big one! Celebrating the wins, even the small ones will give you the strength and stamina to overcome the losses.

Face Mask and a Tea

A little beauty therapy never goes astray and there is nothing that a cup of tea can’t fix. Get a mask that will hydrate you and leaving you feel plump and sweet.

Morning Walks

Starting your day with some exercise will help get the endorphins pumping and get you energised to tackle the day! Try finding a spot where you get to see the sunrise.

A night in with a Romantic Comedy or a good book

Sometimes we all just need a little ‘me’ time, and you don’t have to apologise for that. Spend the night with your favourite foods and doing something that you enjoy. You’ll sleep like a baby.

Manicure and Pedicure

Pampering lifts everyone spirits. Whether it is a mani pedi at your local spa or getting your head massaged - make an appointment and treat yourself with a little tending loving care.

Healthy Food

They all say - your body is a temple - so treat it like one! Try cooking a few nights this week and making food that you not only love but that is full of nutrition. There is recipes all over Pinterest!  


Doing this first thing in the morning or in the evening is a great habit to start, it will help calm you down and re-centre your thoughts. There is multiple apps that have guided meditation or just look something up on Youtube just to try it. You’ll be surprised how great it can feel just to clear your mine for a few moments.

Dinner with your best friend

Laughing over cocktails and chatting about the things you used to do in high school could be the perfect fix for your blues. Talk about everything or nothing in particular, just being with someone you know loves and supports you can make all the difference.

Clean out your closet

This is my go to! There is nothing like a clutterless closet to help me sleep at night. Throwing away old things and washing away the dirt can be terrific therapy for an overactive mind.

Weekend away

Find a cute airbnb, go solo, or invite a loved one. Spend the weekend sipping wine and looking out on the country or coastline - whatever calms you. Getting away from your day to day will allow you take a step back and concentrate on yourself.