Indoor Plants: How and What

Indoor Plants: How and What

Full disclosure, I am writing this to you from my desk looking at my dead cactus…

However, I messaged my Mum because, well, she knows everything.

In the last few years, indoor plants have become all the rage. Bringing nature into your home for a splash of colour is the best interior trend, and I promise you it’s here to stay. So whether you are just trying your hand in flourishing up your room, or this is your 20th plant and you are determined to keep it alive, Peppermayo has the top tips and the best indoor plants to keep that green glowing this season.


Keeping them Alive

  1. Read the Tag!
    This seems like an obvious suggestion, but you’d be surprised. All the information is right there, sunlight, potting, watering needs. If you are confused about something, simply Google it. So many people care way too much about plants... so there are pages of information.

  2. Overwatering is a killer!
    We all love those little leafy fellas, they purify our air and make every room brighter. However we have to make sure we refrain from being a stage five clinger and leave them be. For indoor plants (which thrive off neglect), check the soil every week or so and only water it if it’s dry!

  3. Drainage
    Sorry, what? Same - however a lot of ‘trendy’ pots miss this basic step. Invest in a good pot that has drainage holes at the bottom and a plate to make your life easier. If you don’t have one, layer the bottom of the pot with pebbles and they will keep the water away from the roots!

  4. Light: Shine bright baby!
    Again this comes back to the tag, they will most likely instruct you on what to do and how much light your plant needs. Most plants like sunny rooms, and if that is something your room lacks, put the plant outside every few days to give it some lovin.

  5. Foliage: Check your leaves.
    Just as our body will betray us and tell the world when we haven’t slept, a plant will have visible signs of when its on the way out and needs your help. This partially is discoloration, or dead leaves (can’t miss them). If you are not sure what you are doing wrong, google it, someone, somewhere has had the experience.

Best Indoor Plants

  1. Zanzibar
    The less you water it the better! Keep it on a desk that gets some sun and pretend you’ve got the green thumb.

  2. Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants
    Water it every three days, dark corner, next to the sun, doesn’t matter, this baby is low maintenance (unlike you).

  3. Succulents
    I think I suffocated mine in love, so leave them alone. Water it once every two weeks, give it some sunshine and let your life long friend grow.

  4. Sansevieria
    This snake plant does well in bright light, water once or twice every fortnight. Don’t overwater otherwise this baby won’t last.

  5. Peave Lily
    Low to medium light is good, so don’t let her burn in the sun. As for watering, check them once a week, if the soil is dry - water it. Easy peasy.




P.S. Now I want more plants... BRB Flower power, here I come!