Find Your Perfect Match: Summer Dresses

Find Your Perfect Match: Summer Dresses

There is nothing quite as comforting as the perfect summer dress.

There you sit, swiping mostly left (be honest), dreaming of a partner to gallivant towards the sunset with. Sam Smith plays in the background reminding you of how lonely you are. Then you look up, Peppermayo is open on your desktop and you see her. You see the flowers you wished were in the hands of a suiter. You see the tight wrap, like the comfort of a lovers hug and you know, you’ve found the one.

The perfect summer dress will always text you back, the summer dress will always notice when you do your hair differently and the summer dress will always let you pick the restaurant.

To make sure you find the perfect match this summer, Peppermayo has put together a list of the most worthy bachelors. Put tinder down, and get ready to find the real love of your life (in the form of a summer dress).

Contestant Number 1

Madelina likes long walks on the beach and listening to Frank Sinatra, Madelina treats his mother well and loves animals.


Contestant Number 2

Missing Piece is a gentlemen, he is a lawyer and strikes an uncanny resemble to Harvey Spector. 


Contestant Number 3

Ruth will get along with all your family members and comfort your single friends when they get drunk at parties. 


Contestant Number 4

Gerbera will buy you flowers and doesn't even know what ghosting is. 


Contestant Number 5

Tabby doesn't even look at other girls and won't tell you they need time to find themselves and then messages you drunk. 


Contestant Number 6

Ava doesn't play on your insecurities and brings you chocolate when you are sad. 


Contestant Number 7

Raine will be a bird if you are a bird, and will kiss you in the rain when you start getting cranky. 


P.S. There is nothing quite like falling in love. So head over the Peppermayo and find your soul mate.