How to do Athleisure in 2018


It’s so cool, it’s so model-off-duty, its Athleisure.

We’ve taken note of what the stylish ‘it-girls’ wear running errands, catching planes, between shoots and just being, well, uber cool. It is all about the sport luxe look this season; with throwback logo tees, cropped sweaters and puffer jackets styled in a variety of Pinterest-worthy ways. So, here's your personal guide on how to make the most of athleisure this season.


1. Cropped Hoodie, Comfortable Leggings and a Coat

Yes, it's possible to take your sportswear beyond the pilates-to-piccolo Saturday morning norm. This tried and tested formula playing with various lengths and textures means that it goes beyond the gym; it's effortless, comfortable and you can wear it after dark. Best of all, it's perfect for lazy girls who still want to remain stylish.


Peppermayo Picks


2. Coordinated Colours

Monochrome trend takes athleisure! And we're not mad. Layering is key when it comes to coordination, so play with lengths, rolling and cuffing in similar tones and shades. It'll result in the ultimate 'I just threw this on but I look amazing' street-inspired outfit.  Don't forget sporty accessories like gym bags, beanies and your trust sneakers to take this look to the next lev.


Peppermayo Picks


3. Swap the Leggings for Denim

I know, normally it is the other way around. However those bad boys need to be washed eventually. Denim is the perfect way to make sure you get none of the, "leggings, really?" raised eyebrows at certain places that require you to be a little more profesh.  So make the most of your branded tees, hoodies and bomber jackets, and pair them with shredded, straight leg, skinny or slouchy jeans. 


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5. Puffy Jackets

Sometimes those slim legs just need to be balanced. Basically, the bigger the better. Bomber jackets, faux fur and vintage jackets will do the trick - and for a little extra cred we love them layered over hoodies and high neck tops with even a little midriff to boot!  


Peppermayo Picks


6. All Black Everything

I think we are all relieved this made the cut, as 95% of our wardrobes is black and we don’t want that to change. Go all black panther and wear black head to toe for a slimming and sophisticated streetwear look.


Peppermayo Picks


7. Raw Edge Sweaters

Its comfortable, its cropped and pairs so well with colourful and statement pants, leggings and sporty denim. This 90s-inspired trend is making the comeback it deserves complete with logos, hoods and pockets - they're even perfect to chuck over your pilates crop top if in fact, you do make it to the gym. Who doesn't like a little raw edge?


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