Wanna look like a iridescent disco ball this festival season?
Get the effect of crushed diamonds on your lips, cheeks and anywhere else with a swipe of a wand. 
All you need is Lime Crime's Diamond Crusher Lip Topper!
Here's four ways you can glitter up your look with this amazze new product.

1. Eyeliner


Using an angled eyeliner brush, dip the brush into the product.

Starting from the inner conner, line your eyes as you would with a normal khol eyeliner.

Repeat the process and layer as many times as desired for it to be more pigmented. 

Warning: Be careful not to apply product too closely to the eye! Glitter in eyeballs is NOT fun ❌

2. Body Art

The best thing about these Diamond Crushers is that you can use them to create glittery fairy dust all over your body!

Create cool patterns or just dab the product
on your cheekbones for a iridescent poppin' highlight.

Add some body jewels to take it next level!

3. Eyeshadow

If you have a clear lip balm handy, then apply this to your eyelids and spread evenly. This helps make the product less sticky and easier to remove at the end of the night!

Then dab Diamond Crusher all over eyelid and use your finger to blend. 

Wait for product to dry before looking around as it may crease.

Warning: Be careful not to apply product too closely to the eye! Glitter in eyeballs is NOT fun ❌

4. Lip Gloss

Of course the Diamond Crusher's main purpose is as a lip gloss!

You can apply the product as is or try applying on top of
some of the Lime Crime Velvetines to get some gorgeous colours!

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