5 Ball Exercises to Tone Legs & Core

Ever wanted to rock a bikini or cropped sweater like Michelle Papa? Well, now you can. One half of @jamvintage and all round super babe, @michellepapss and shows us her top 5 ball exercises for a toned tum and long, lean legs. There’s even a cheeky arm workout too, just so those ’ceps don’t feel left out!

1. Squat Press

Reps: 10-15 sets, continue on for 3-4 rounds.

Michelle's Tip: To get the full burn make sure to squat super low and take it slow coming up.


2. Ball Swivel Twists

Reps: 20 sets for 3-4 rounds.

 Michelle's Tip: This killer ab workout will make your abdominals burn and pop out to say hello!


3. Push Ups

Reps: 10-12 sets for 3-4 rounds.

Michelle's Tip: This aims to target your core and your arms. Your legs might be jiggly from the squats, so you’ll probably feel there too! Get ready for a full body sweat - which is what we want! 


4. Wall Sit + Arm Raises

Reps: 10-12 sets for 3-4 rounds. Do whatever you feel comfortable with. If you’re feeling sore and tired stick to 3 rounds. If you feel you can keep going and you’re determined, aim for 4 rounds!

Michelle's Tip: Another cheeky full body exercise. Wall sits are a killer, and so are arm raises with the ball! Your abs will feel a little bit of this, but it mainly designed to target the legs and arms


5. Half Speed Burpee

Reps: 10-12 sets for 3-4 rounds.

Michelle's Tip: You will definitely feel this everywhere especially after doing all the exercises previously!



Michelle's motivation: Make sure you keep going, don’t give up. Ask yourself, do you want abs? Do you want toned arms and legs? Keep killing it and you’ll get what you want ;)