Playlist: Cult Movie Songs


So, you sing along during the bus scene in Almost Famous, shake your head during the closing credits of Cruel Intentions and clearly Dirty Dancing only means one song to you?

Same. Music and movie buffs unite! Boost your day with the perfect playlist for the cult soundtrack enthusiast, where you’ll get the best from Juice, The Doors Movie, Little Miss Sunshine and more.

Remember Dazed and Confused? Matthew Mcconaughey's finest hour tbqh. This soundtrack is literally the metal Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Would it have been any better if Led Zeppelin allowed them to use ‘Dazed and Confused’ as the opening song? To that we say, Aerosmith 4eva. Then there’s Trainspotting aka the perfect tunes for music junkies (not, you know, actual junkies) where Lou Reed, Underworld and Iggy Pop make this one of the greats.  

Movie Soundtrack Collage_02.jpg

Did you know, the Donnie Darko opening sequence originally featured, “The Killing Moon” by Echo and the Bunnymen? But, in the director's cut version the song is replaced by INXS's "Never Tear Us Apart". The jury’s still out on which song makes you feel that much closer to time travel...

Radiohead, Des’ree and Prince… feeling a little star-crossed? Yes, it’s the best from Romeo + Juliet and you can even go get all Leonardo DiCaprio in one of these… Meanwhile if you’re getting a little apathetic during The Virgin Suicides, at least the wardrobe has totally made a comeback.

Movie cult soundtracks.jpg

So go on, get out your various music listening devices (or maybe your body pillow and some tissues) and get all vibey with our playlist of the most memorable songs from the best movie soundtracks.