The Splendour Essentials Packing List

Yes! Splendour is nearly here and it’s time to start thinking about the essentials. These are the things you won’t be able to function without and here at Peppermayo we’re all about making your life easier. Read on to find out what we’re packing!


We know this one seems obvious but dry and comfortable feet are the key to lasting through all the Splendour fun. We recommend good ol’ Docs, Blundstones and Timberlands.


Again, another duhhh one but it’s all about the sunnies! The right shape, lens and colour can take your festival outfit from zero to hero.


How are you going to carry all your essentials? With a bag of course! These will hold everything you need and more, and even your mates gear!


If you can’t be extra at a festival when can you be? Work your makeup and hair to make you stand out in the crowd.


We love some bling and this festival season we’re taking inspo from Kylie and working the braids with rings and studs, and you can’t go past a killer pair of earrings too!


These are the glue to your perfect Splendour experience! First we have a portable charger, which let’s be honest is the most important essential. An instant camera because sometimes you just have to capture the moment and this organic personal outdoor spray by Ecotan to keep you smelling fresh and even repel the mozzies!