3 ways to DIY your Rockstar Denim Jacket

Our best selling Rockstar Jacket  is so versatile and the perfect canvas for your next DIY project! There are so many cool DIY ideas you can use to take your jacket 0 to 100 real quick! Whether you want to go crazy with pins or keep it simple with some paint, the possibilities are endless! 


Head to your local fabric store and pick up some fabric samples! Most large retailers cut them off for free! This idea is a cheap and easy way to make your jacket look fabulous! It's also easy to hand sew fabric onto different panels on the jacket. Play with different patterns and colours. Contrast is the key!


This one takes a bit of time, but it will turn your ordinary jacket into a one of a kind! Ebay sells these little metal stud pins in bulk, which conveniently makes it easy to use heaps to create different patterns. Why not add some safety pins in to create an different effect. 


Yassss! Why not?! Grab some fabric paint from your local art and craft store and get painting! it may be easier if you first draw your design onto the jacket using fabric chalk. That way you can erase some if desired! Fabric paint is great, but may need a few layers in order for the colour to stand out prominently.