How to choose the right lashes for your eye shape

Ever wondered what lashes would suit your eye shape? Well, look no further! this post is all you need to get your lashes fluttering! 



Almond eyes naturally look great with lashes that accentuate the outer curve of the eye. Ardell 120 Demi Lashes do exactly that. They are bold and black to give shape, which compliments your almond shape by flicking out on the outer corners.  


Hooded eyes look amazing with long whispy lashes. These lashes will shape and define the eye lid opening up the eyes and will make them appear larger. 


This eye shape has a natural downward angle, which is best complimented with whispy cat eye like lashes. These lashes start short at the inner corner of the eye and get longer as they flick to the outer corner. 



Upturned eyes look great with added definition. Try this pair of black 101 Demi Lashes. They are thick enough to define in all the right spots. 


Compliment the open oval shape of round eyes by wearing light, thin and whispy lashes. These Ardell 109 Lashes look natural and soft.