Winter Work Out Style

It can be hard to remain your normal stylish self when you're sweating up a storm, bent at all angles, red and blotchy! However, it is possible to maintain a little cool factor in these threads from Onzie! They are one of our favourite activewear brands at the moment because their pieces are so damn cool and versatile! We're going to show you 4 ways we would style them for 4 different activities!

1. yoga

These pieces are flexible and flattering and are perfect for yoga! They'll allow you to bend, stretch and pose with ease. Keep your phone out of the way but still on you with this fuss free armband. The shoes are mostly for show since we all know you won't be wearing them during yoga ;)


2. Dancing

You'll definitely dazzle the crowd in these blingy pieces! Super comfortable and felxible, they are perfect for any type of dancing! Pair with these sparkly shoes and you have a show stopping outfit! Complete your outfit with this perfect bomber and you're good to go!


3. Gym

Who says gym attire needs to be boring!? You'll be more than happy to go to the gym if it means you get to wear this rad set. Helllooo workout motivation! But other than looking amazing, this set is also totally functional. Its stretchy and figure hugging so you won't feel restricted to only certain activities at the gym.


4. Morning Walk

Ahhhh the early Saturday morning walk to get your weekend on the right track! These leggings are on trend with some cut out mesh panels and paired with this bright printed crop is perfection! This bomber will keep you warm on those fresh winter mornings and of course you'll need your swell water bottle to keep you hydrated!