The Ultimate Formal Guide | Part 1 - Finding Your Style

Getting formal ready can be so daunting! Where do you even start? How do you find something that is really YOU! You don't want to look back and regret your choice that's for sure! Well here at Peppermayo, we are super excited formal season has finally rolled around and we know the search for the perfect dress can sometimes be a little difficult so we've come up with a little quiz to help get the ball rolling for you!

All you have to do is pick the answer most relevant to you and at the end tally up your most common answer and we will let you know the styles most suited to you! 


Your friends come to you when they need...

A. Cheering up and some fun

B. Fashion advice from their go to guru

C. Beauty and hair recommendations

D. Ideas on how to sneak out to a party

You have some cash to burn $$$. You spend it on...

A. Having a good time, most likely drinks for your next party

B. Online shopping, you're always obsessed with the latest trends

C. The latest beauty products from Mecca

D. Seeing your all time favourite band play

Your dream formal date is...

A. Calvin Harris - those party tunes

B. Zane Malik - that style

C. Zac Efron - swoooon

D. Justin Bieber - love a bad boy

Your favourite trend at the moment is....

A. Sequins errrrythang - You love to sparkle and be the centre of attention

B. Silk and chokers - You're all about those 90's vibes

C. Lace - Such a classic and ultra feminine look

D. None - You're a bit anti-trend and try to avoid what everyone else is doing

Your go to jewellery is...

A. Statement piece - the bigger, the better

B. Choker necklace - 90's style

C. Simple and delicate pieces

D. Layering lots of pieces for a cool new look

The part of the formal that you are most excited for is...

A. All of it, especially dancing the night away

B. Hanging out with your friends

C. Getting all glammed up

D. The after party...Duh!

Your friends would describe you as...

A. The life of the party

B. Laid back cool, calm, collected

C. Sweet and funny

D. Adventurous

How are you getting to the formal...

A. A party bus with all my friends and of course some roadies

B. A vintage black car 

C. A classic beauty, definitely convertible

D. Whatever you can're sort of hoping someone else organises it for you

Mostly A's

You're the life of the party! You never shy away from being the centre of attention, in fact you revel in it. You'll be a wanting a dress that is as daring and out there as your personality. Sequins are definitely your thing. Anything to make you sparkle and stand out in a crowd! Let your bubbly personality shine in these gorgeous pieces!

Mostly B's

Ohhh girl, let us guess, you're loving the 90's comeback. You are all about slip dresses, chokers, boots and silk! You're always onto the latest trends before anyone else and your friends have come to rely on you for solid fashion advice. Well, we certainly have more than one piece that would be perfect for you! And true to form, it's some stylin 90's silk!

Mostly C's

You're equally excited about planning your hair and makeup as you are about finding your dress! You definitely consider yourself a girly-girl who loves all things beauty. You'll want something ultra-feminine and a classic style. So we think a lace dress will be a perfect choice for you! This type of dress never goes out of style and combined with your classic beauty look, you'll be onto a winner!


Mostly D's

You're a rule breaker, you hate trends and are slightly anti-formal. You make your own rules and never conform to what everyone else is doing...unless you want to of course! You're only going to the formal because you would hate to miss out on the party with your friends! You haven't really given a formal dress a thought but thats ok because we got you!! A midi style will suit your rule breaking personality to a T. You don't have to compromise your values to look good though! We've selected some shorter styles you'll stun in!

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