We all have those off days where we find it hard to stay motivated and get things done; whether it's an assignment, tasks at work, cleaning your room or working out. I'm going to highlight some of the most common motivation killers and how I tackle them.


1. You have so much to do that you don't know where to start:

- Plan your day - Make an honest outline of the time you have to get everything done. Factor in your top priority tasks first and then add in any more you have time for - make sure this is an achievable amount or you will feel swamped. Don't forget to factor in breaks for food and other personal tasks.

- Breakdown your tasks into smaller tasks & tick each of these off once they have been completed. This will give you a sense of achievement; adding to your level of motivation.

I recommend using a super cute notebook for all your planning / to-do lists:

2. Your tasks are boring & unappealing so you're getting distracted easily:

- Try to organise your most boring tasks to coincide with the time of day that you feel you work the best. For example if you feel more energetic and focused in the mornings after a healthy breakfast; assign your least desired or most tedious tasks to this time of day.

- Whenever you feel the urge to be distracted by a random thought like checking up on an old friend's relationship status on Facebook or wanting to change your Instagram profile picture.. or even if you have thought of a way to tackle another task.. write it down on a post-it and resist the urge to completely stray from your task. Go back to these thoughts only once you've finished and chances are half of them won't even be appealing anymore. The ones that remain appealing will act as more motivation to get your task done. 

Try our butter notes to jot down those passing ideas!

3. You feel too tired:

- Make sure you're eating well and not consuming too many complex carbs or refined sugar as these can often have adverse effects on your energy levels and therefore your motivation.

- Factor some exercise or meditation into your day to increase your energy and concentration. 

- If you still need that extra kick, try some green tea or a coffee to wake you up.

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4. You just can't concentrate:

- Update your space up! Not only is it often hard to focus when your workspace is messy or cluttered but also when it's too boring/ impersonal/ not you. I often find it a lot easier to work and have a clearer head when I have a clearer more pleasant space to work in.

Check out our desk-inspo blog post for a few different ways to freshen up your space!


5. Your confidence is low and the task seems too hard:

- If a task feels too daunting and you feel like you just can't do it, break it down into smaller more achievable tasks - including decisions you will need to make - and it will become far less scary.

- Seek advice; if you're having trouble or are stuck on a task, ask an outsider's advice or opinion and you might see it in another light.

- Concentrate on how good/ successful/ relieved you will feel once it's done rather than focusing on how you will feel during (this is especially helpful when starting a workout or assignment).

- Surround yourself with motivation / positivity! Download one of our 6 cute desktop backgrounds below for free (for personal use only) and use it as motivation. If you're not working on/ near a computer just print it out!