Festival Fashion Inspiration

Festivals scream for experimental street fashion and playful trends! They create a space for people to express themselves and to never play it safe when it comes to style! Here are some ideas we are loving at the moment! 


Gumboots are quite often a necessity for festival goers. Although practical, they can sometimes look super bland! Dress your boots up with some boot chains to make them as cool as your well thought out festival outfit!


Where else would you get away with wearing a crown? (besides maybe in your spare time at home...) But hey, no-ones going to think any differently of you if you wear one to a festival! Pair back with dainty looking bralettes and flowy skirts! You can feel like a fairy princess for a day! 


Time to grab a friend and some paint because this is a two man job! Body paint is such an simple way to add a little somethin' to your outfit! Simple flowers or stars are an easy way to go! 


Yasss! Don't be shy! Mix and match different textures and materials! This trend is super chic, whilst showing off a little bit of skin! 


The perfect D.I.Y idea to any pieces of clothing! We love the idea of collecting heaps of patches and giving one of your wardrobe staples a make over! 


Thigh highs are perfect festival additions, if they are done right that is. Opt for a pair with minimal heel height and keep them fun with some fringing or tassels. Tie back with a cute band tee and some denim shorts! 


Sparkle like the shining star you are with this easy make up idea! Grab some glitter and some stars and go crazy! For best results, use clear adhesive eyelash glue to set the glitter and stars in place. 


These can be over done at times, however if done right you can still make such an impact with any festival outfit! Try putting them on your fingers or forehead for something a little more playful! Remember, its best to experiment with your style at festivals! Have fun with it!


Have an old denim jacket lying around? Why not decorate it with some cool printed fabric and embellishments? This is a fun little D.I.Y project that will have you sticking out from the festival crowd!


It's all in the details! Why not decorate a bralette with some embroidery or embellishments! Putting your own twist into the design of your outfit can really create something special.  


Belts are an easy addition to make any outfit extra ordinary! Go for bold colours, coin chains and feathers!  


Again, glitter really makes an impact... and its just super fun to use on your skin and hair! Try braids and putting glitter in each braid strand!