What Georgia is taking to USA

Taking a ride on a big jet plane anytime soon? Peppermayo Director Georgia is too! Travelling to the USA she'll be needing all her essential everyday items from Peppermayo! However, with a small 20kg luggage weight limit, packing for travel can be a nightmare! Below are Georgia's top essential picks for what she can't live without on her trip! 


The Halo LED Selfie Case is a perfect companion when travelling for obvious reasons! Selfies are a must when your in a new location everyday! This will also light up your world when FaceTimeing family and friends back home.


Whether I'll be chilling by the pool or getting ready to go out and hit the town, this speaker will help the good vibes stay strong where ever I am!


Comfort is key! These shoes go with everything and are sooooo comfy to walk around sightseeing in! They're also made from real leather so they're durable and will last forever!


This is my go to denim jacket! It'll keep me warm when the temperature drops at night, is light weight to carry around and keeps the wind out!


Black on black baby! Can't go wrong! This bikini from Nookie fits like a dream and goes perfectly with the Maiden Sunglasses. 


These cute cami tops are light weight, go with everything and are an easy go-to when travelling

ing! They are the perfect packing essential, especially when I'm trying to keep the weight of my luggage down!


These denim shorts are so comfortable and are a relaxed fit, perfect for summer vacation!


This is a necessity for keeping my passport safe and to never lose it.... It's happened before... Trust me!


Where would I be without the perfect backpack? This Herschel one has soooo many pockets and is super comfy to wear. It also goes with most outfits and is very practical. 


Travelling can take a toll on your skin, especially when flying, as the plane air-con dries out your skin! That's why I'll be taking my Lanolips balm to stop chapped lips.

Bondi Sands gradual tan is perfect for keeping my summer glow intact! Also Gerard Cosmetics Serenity lipstick and Pixi Cosmetics Lash Booster Mascara are my beauty go-to's. They will have you going from a 2 to a 10 in no time!