Current Beauty Palette: Medium Skin Tone

Check out our current face favourites for morning, noon and night! (Medium skin tone edition)


Not keen on a face full of makeup first thing in the morning? Neither are we! For an average morning, the basics should suffice!  

  1. We start off with the normal cleanse and moisturise.
  2. Use an Eye Elixir to help plump up lines under our eyes and prevent ourselves from looking tired!
  3. It's always best to lather on some SPF in some way, our current favourite is this Natural Coconut Sunscreen because it also smells so good!
  4. Next is a H2O Skin Tint in No.2 Nude mixed with a dab of BB Cream in Medium/Deep for a fresh, dewy look! The skin tint is water based so it provides a lot of moisture and has a cooling effect on your skin while the BB cream provides a little extra coverage and pigment.
  5. We use a little bit of the Natural Brow Duo in Deep Brown to give a little definition to our brows.
  6. Finish the maintenance with a moisturising lip balm like the Banana Balm Lip Sheen 3-in-1


This look is subtle. For the days that you want a little something to enhance your features but still keeping it on the natural spectrum of looks.

  1. Again, we'll go in with the BB Cream in Medium/Dark as a light base.
  2. For those with a medium skin tone, the Velvet Blush Contour Stick in Glimmer works well as a subtle highlighter. 
  3. Use the Natural Brow Duo in Deep Brunette
  4. Swipe a small amount of the Velvet Blush Contour Stick in Pinch Me onto your finger and use as a light matte blush.
  5. Give your eyes a bit of shimmer with the Gel Glide Eyeliner in Deep Bronzer
  6. Finish off with some Super Mega Mascara


This look is perfect for a night out, adding a dash of desaturated mauves to your neutral tones & finishing with a sharp black! 

  1. Start off with the Pro BB Cream in Medium/Deep mixed with a dab of Pro Concealer in Medium Beige for a nice matte look.
  2. To highlight, we use a Pro Concealer in Pure Beige along with our
  3. Use the Pro Concealer in Toffee as a contour and blend thoroughly!
  4. We then use a touch of the Velvet Blush Contour Stick in Velour as nice matte blush.
  5. We then give our eyes a little more dimension with the Softly Smoky Crayon Combo! The lighter side can also be used as a more defined highlighting tool!
  6. Finish off the look with a bold eye using our Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner and add some False Lashes if you want to go that extra mile!