Which Style of Jeans Best Suit Your Body?

We know how hard finding the perfect pair of jeans can be! That's why we made this quick quiz to help simplify the search! All you need to do is pick the most accurate answer in each set and tally them up and we will let you know which jeans will look best for your body type!


Tell us about those curves:

A. Oooh La La! Your waist comes in and your hips are curvy. Jeans tend to fit your hips but gap at the waist.

B. Hey you! Your curves are proportioned to your body, but you still struggle with a slight gapping at the waist.

C. Mmmm mm! Your curves are slight and most styles of denim tend to fit you well. 

D. Straight and baben'! You have a straight figure and you have trouble finding jeans that flatter your hips.

Now, about that booty:

A. Bootylicious

B. Proportionate

C. Pretty average

D Practically non-existant

Legs, legs, legs!

A. Curvaceous! Your legs are ample and strong.

B. Athletic! You have strong and defined legs.

C. Gorgeous! Your legs are toned without being bulky or skinny.

D. Skinny mini! You have legs that are thin all the way down.

I want my jeans to:

A. Hide my thighs

B. Make me look taller

C. Balance my frame

D. Help me add curves

Mostly A's

Slim and straight jeans will lengthen your legs. Flare fits are perfect for balancing your shape and a darker denim wash is ideal to flatter your body. We suggest:

Mostly B's

Stick with high waisted styles, as they will cinch you in at the waist. Faded denim will be flattering to your shape. Check out these styles:

Mostly C's

Low to mid-rise jeans with a skinny fit are ideal for you! Boyfriend jeans work well too, with details like pockets around your hip area. We think you'll love these styles:

Mostly D's

Look for jeans with a mid to high rise. Lighter shades will suit your body and skinny and bootleg styles will flatter your shape. Check out: