How to take the perfect selfie with the #Halocase

Perfect lighting is essential in creating the perfect selfie! With #Halocase you can achieve this anywhere! The warm LED light is adjustable to make your selfies dimmer or brighter. #Halocase can make even the darkest surroundings look luminous!  

  •  Fits iPhone 6/6s
  • Light up any scene or selfie
  • #Halocase adds a warm natural glow to your face when taking photos under fluorescent or artificial lights.
  • Evens out unflattering shadows that cast over your face.
  • Easy to use, on/off switch
  • Dimmer function allows you to adjust intensity of the lights.
  • #Halocase really shines when taking selfies at night or in low lit or completely dark surroundings.
  • Recommended for Selfies, FaceTime, Skype, Make-up light and all Social Media apps
  • Double tap for flashing emergency beacon style.
  • Micro USB charging cord included.
  • Long lasting battery. No drainage to iPhone battery
  • Tough impact resistant plastic, keeping your iPhone safe
  • Available in 3 colours :- Black, White or Rose Gold