How To: Perfectly Caption Instagram Photos

There's nothing worse than seeing an amazing Instagram photo with a bland caption. Don't worry, we'll keep you out of the woods! Here are several tips to have you captioning like an Insta queen to gain more interaction and enhance your Instagram presence!

Short 'n' Sweet

So you've taken a cool photo. Now what? Well to put it simply, just write 1 sentence (max) outlining what you would like to say. It may be a cool quote about the subject of the image or something related to your day! Definitely keep it shorter than a Facebook status, no need to tell your life story!

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 9.54.09 am.png

Fluff it up!

If you've got something a little more extensive and interesting to say, fluffing up a caption can also help add traction to your photo. It helps to use different descriptive language rather than the usual boring go to's like "good", "happy" and "nice" or tell a short but interesting story about the photo.

Question time

Have a relatable experience coming up that relates to the photo via either the photo subject or time that you're posting that someone else may be able to shed some light on? Ask them a question! ie: "planning a trip to Europe! Where should I go?".

Another way to relate to your audience is to post a quote that may encourage intereaction! A question helps (be it rhetorical or not)!

Less Is More

Most of the time people are going to be scrolling quickly through their feed, liking sporadically as they go. This is why writing something that is easily 'speed read' helps to keep you relevant!

Grammar and Spelling

Grammar and Spelling are paramount! (unless mis-used intentionally for a laugh or encourage a more casual relationship between you and your audience). Many people still see proper spelling and grammar as important in communication. If it's too difficult to read then they will move on. NEXT!