STYLE: What Jewellery Suits Your Outfit Neckline

Sometimes working out how to accessorize can really make or break an outfit. Necklines come in many shapes and forms, so lets go through the what and 'wear' of this seasons latest neckline trends and jewellery! 

Deep V-Neckline

A Deep-V Neckline can be complimented by a minimal mid length necklace. It works even better if the necklace falls in symmetric way to that of the V neck. 


Choker Neckline

The choker neckline is already such a statement that it can be hard to accessorise. However, never say never! A choker neckline works best with minmal pieces like an ear cuff or stud earrings. These pieces will not steal the spotlight or become too overwhelming for the overall outfit.  


High Neckline

High necklines = high standards! don't be fooled by the high neck line looking too over powering. There can be cases where a high neckline can be perfected with a minimal, long length pendant necklace! The length in the necklace wont make you look too cut off at the neckline, by drawing attention down the body. 


Scoop Neckline

Scoop necklines don't need a lot to compliment them, however they can really help draw attention to a jewellery piece due to the open space on your declotage. For this we would suggest a dainty piece with a cute pendant to accentuate the weight of the plunge scoop neckline.


Off The Shoulder Neckline

Off the shoulder necklines look even better with a choker piece! definitely a winning combo!