6 Trends From The 90's That Are Making A Comeback

Ahhh the 90's. 
I always feel uber cool when I claim i'm a 90's baby, even though I was too young to live it! 😅
But for those that did, it's been dubbed one of the best decades to date.
Now, we are slowly seeing some sneaky comebacks of some of the
most notable trends from back in the day, with a cool modern twist!

1. Denim Jackets

If you were cool in the 90's then you definitely had one of these in your wardrobe.
Who doesn't love their trusty & comfy denim jacket?
We're so glad these are still in style as they instantly give your outfit
that urban cool girl vibe! 

2. Brown/Dark lips


The brown lip was rocked by the likes of Drew Barrymore
& Kate Moss, and has now been revamped by Kylie Jenner!
We love brown/berry lips because of that vampy feel. 
Definitely  a trend to try if you're bored of the same old red lippy! 

3. Grunge


The grunge trend mainly came about with the rise of rock bands/stars like Nirvana, 
Courtney Love and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Everyone wanted to copy
the essence of being a muso! It brought about trends like Dr Martens/combat boots
band tee's, satin slips dresses, moto jackets and baggy jeans. 
Today, we are seeing a fresher and more girly side to the trend!

4. Velvet

Velvet was all the rage in the 90's! 
It could look glamorous and luxurious but also grunge and tomboyish
at the same time, which is while it was so heavily worn. 
This year we are starting to see it make a comeback on celebs
like Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner!

5. Chokers

I'm sure every single one of you had the 90's tattoo choker at some point!
Chokers where everywhere in the 90's and they've recently become
trendy again due to todays festival culture . They instantly
add a bit of 90's flare to your outfit and these days there are so
many different chokers to choose from!

6. Mom Jeans

In the early 90's these were your only jeans options. 
They were comfy, stylish and they cinched in your waist showing off your curves!
Slowly, they've made a comeback with a newer and sleeker fit for the modern girl.
Pair with a cute crop top and some booties and you've got a killer outfit!